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Sean Kedrick

Goblin Thief and Adventurer

(Created by: "Paul D. Henrichsen" <>)

     Attributes           Basic Damage
   (+30) ST 10 (Raised one      Thrust 1d-2
     level after creation)    Swing 1d
   (+45) DX 15            Punch 1d-3
   (+ 0) IQ 11            Kick  1d-2
   (+10) HT 11                   
     Advantages           Disadvantages
   (+ 5) Goblin           (- 5) Dyslexia
   (+ 5) Double Jointed       (-15) Kleptomania
   (+10) Ambidextrous        (-10) Extremely Curious
   (+10) Toughness          (-20) Ophiophobia--Extreme fear
   (+15) Danger Sense           of reptiles
   (+15) Combat Reflexes
   (+10) Comfortable Wealth

     Quirks             Point Summary
   (- 1) Likes heights        Attributes   85
   (- 1) Wants to learn magic    Advantages   60
   (- 1) Cares for nature      Disadvantages -50
   (- 1) Always has lucky gold    Quirks     -5
       piece           Skills    140
   (- 1) Likes tunnels        Total     240


SKILL         Pts. Dif   SKILL       Pts. Dif
Combat/Weapon Skills           Mental Skills
Axe Throwing-16    2  P/E   Acting-11      2  M/A
Bow-13         1  P/H   Area Knowledge-11  1  M/E
Broadsword-15     0  P/A   Bard-11       2  M/A
Buckler-16       2  P/E   Camoflage-11    1  M/E
Crossbow-15      1  P/E   Circus Perform.-12 4  M/A
Fast Draw (Arrow)-16  1  P/E   Cooking-13     4  M/E
Fast Draw (Knife)-16  1  P/E   Cyphering-11    1  M/E
Fast Draw (Sword)-16  1  P/E   Disguise-10     1  M/A
Knife (Main-Gauche)-17 8  P/A   First Aid/TL 3-12  2  M/E
Knife Throwing-16   2  P/E   Herbalist-9     1  M/H
Shield-16       2  P/E   Hobby:Bridge-10   1  M/A
Shortsword-17     8  P/A   Holdout-14     6  M/A
Spear-13       .5  P/A   Interrogation-10  1  M/A
Spear Thrower-15    2  P/A   K'shatrian Lang-10 1  M/A
 Spear Throwing-15   1  P/E   K'shatrian Rel.-7  0  M/VH
                  Lang:Goblin-11   2  M/A
                  Leadership-12    4  M/A
                  Lockpicking/TL 3-14 8  M/A
  Other Physical Skills      Merchant-14     14  M/A
Acrobatics-15     4  P/H   Naturalist-9    1  M/H
Climbing-19      4  P/A   Performance-10   1  M/A
Escape-17       2  P/H   Seamanship/TL 3-11 1  M/E
Juggling-17      4  P/E   Seek Water(Spell)-9 1  M/H
Pickpocket-15     4  P/H   Streetwise-11    2  M/A
Riding (Horse)-14   1  P/A   Survival (Caves)-10 1  M/A
Running-9       1  P/H    (Woodlands)-9  .5  M/A
Sleight of Hand-16   8  P/H   Tactics-11     4  M/H
Stealth-17       8  P/A   Tracking-11     2  M/A
Swimming-15      1  P/E   Traps/TL 3-12    2  M/A

Sean is a 20 year old goblin adventurer. He was sold as a child (to pay off his father's gambling debts) and ended up in a circus. When the circus went broke, and broke up, he ran away rather than be sold to Kovun's army. He then supported himself by picking pockets and such until he ended up in Kovun's army as part of the conscript troops. When that section of the army was routed, Sean ran and ended up joining with other former conscripts to get out of the area. Sean was originally envisioned as a pragmatic thief, who would run rather than fight. (That was before I'd ever played with or met Kyle.) Because he is pragmatic (and curious), Sean has greatly increased his combat skills, learned a variety of skills not in his original character conception, and raised his Strength.

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