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Courtney Foster Saxon ("Regalia")

British Super

Total: 250 points
[Created by Ian Turner]

Attributes (60 CP):

ST: 10 (0)
DX: 12 (20)
IQ: 12 (20)
HT: 12 (20)

Advantages (20 CP):

Reputation +2 (10), Charisma +1 (5), Attractive (5)

Super Advantages (258 CP):

ORB: DR: 20 (Area Effect +50%, Affects Others +40%) (114)
CROWN: Flight (40)
SCEPTRE: Wind Blast Power 5 (Instant +20%, Rapid-Fire x1 +40%, Armor-Piercing x2 +80%, Impaling +50%, Does do Knockback +10%, Differential Effect: Full Power Only at 1 hex range, only does Cutting and no Knockback at 1 hex range, 1/2 Damage out to full range -20%) (84)

Disadvantages (-100 CP):

Secret: former criminal, Reputation will reverse (-10), Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents (-10), Enemy: former gang (6-20), 9 or less (-20), Bad Sight (-10), Bully (-10), Fanaticism: Britain (-15), Greed (-15), Overconfidence (-10)

Quirks (-5 CP)



Wind Blast 16-14
Running 1-10, Bow 1-10, Escape 1-10
Boxing 2-12, Broadsword 2-12, Riding 1-11, Stealth 1-11
Swimming 1-12, Knife 1-12, FD: Knife 1-12, Brawling 1-12
R/W: English 0-11, English 0-12
History: British 1-10, Mathematics 1-10
Leadership 1-11, Streetwise 2-12, Heraldry 1-11
Savoir-Faire 1-12, Scrounging 1-12

Court was raised in a violence-riddled slum in East London, he ran with a gang and spent most of his teen years pretending to be a character from Clockwork Orange (his favorite book and movie). His mother managed to marry above her station and present a front of respectability, and he decided to cash in on his new "father." Unfortunately, he came to actually like the daffy old man, and on a visit to the caves of Dover, his new father showed him where the family treasures had been hidden during WWII. These treasures consisted of an Orb, Sceptre and Crown that seemed to be made of purest light. When Court tried them out, they vanished and he was afraid that he had somehow destroyed them, but his father laughed and said they were now a part of him and no longer existed in the material world until his death. At the urgings of his father, he became a costumed hero (something which his father, being lame and frail, never would have wasted on himself). It was soon thereafter that he made eternal enemies with his old gang by betraying their secrets to the bobbies as part of his debut as a crimefighter.

The power of the Sceptre tends to manifest as a visible golden glowing sword of force or arrows of like appearance. The Orb tends to appear as silvery armour and shield on him and as a translucent phantasmal stone wall around others. The Crown appears as a azure halo around his head whenever he activates his flight.

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