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Urim Titus

Disembodied Human Brain

Total: 500 points
[Created by: (MR MARC D KEILBERG)]

Astral weight: 4lbs; Appearance: Disembodied human brain

Attributes (Points: -20):

DX: 4
IQ: 16
HT: 4

Disadvantages ( Points: -115):

No physical Body (-100); Pacifism: Fight for defense only (-15)

Quirks, psi drawbacks, and psi special effects ( Points: -25):

[all undetermined]

Advantages (Points: 591):

Being of Pure Thought (Invisibility: Electromagnetic; Insubstantial: Always insubstantial, can affect substantial; Doesn't Breathe: Needs presence of astral oxygen; 250 points); Magical Resistance +20 (40 points); Second Sight (5 points); Enhanced Time Sense (adds instantaneous to all relevant psi, +15) (60 points); Telepathy Power 16 (80 points); Teleport Power 15 (no speed or orientation change, 2/3 cost; linked with psychokinesis, +20%) (60 points); Psychokinesis Power 10 (linked with teleport, +20%) (60 points); Antipsi Power 5 (15 points); ESP Power 3 (9 points); Healing Power 4 (12 points)

House Rules: Beings of pure thought aren't considered to have any relevant aging, so they automatically have eternal life spans, or at least really close to it, without the necessity of buying an appropriate advantage. Also, if your being of pure thought is just a brain, as long as it wasn't originally on machinery, it isn't necessary for the brain to have astral life support machines. And: If you can convince the GM you're right, by the time game play starts, you're right, and its his darn fault for letting you do it.
[Such as getting Antipsi Power! --arcangel]

Skills (points):

Psi Sense Lvl. 14 (1)
Emotion Sense Lvl. 14 (1)
Mental Shield Lvl. 20 (12)
Telesend Lvl. 15 (2)
Telereceive Lvl. 15 (2)
Sleep Lvl. 15 (2)
Telecontrol Lvl. 15 (2)
Mindwipe Lvl. 15 (2)
Mental Blow Lvl. 15 (2)
Autoteleport Lvl. 15 (2)
Exoteleport Lvl. 30 (32)
Psi Static Lvl. 15 (2)
Levitate Lvl. 15 (2)
Telekinesis Lvl. 15 (2)
Psychometry Lvl. 14 (1)
Precognition Lvl. 14 (1)
Clairaudience Lvl. 13 (.5)
Healing Lvl. 13 (.5)

No conversions needed. He has no tech level; only story might be changed some.

Character Story:

Have fun. This guy's basically been everywhere at various times, in his pysical state or his thought state. One of the originals, he met a tragic death when by a purely freak accident, one of Eden's tigers went berserk with bloodlust and bit the top of his head off. He later reprimanded and calmed the beast, although he's never truly gotten over the fact of how he died. Loss of contact with the physical world has caused his physical attributes to deteriorate, and he is thus seeking adventure in one of the physical planes, so that he does not lose contact with their inhabitants for all eternity.

Battle Tactics:

Besides some moderate PK and some good telepathy and teleport, this guy doesn't seem to be able to do much, but he can do a lot, most of it through a "conduit." All Urim does, is find a telepath in the group who has enhanced time sense, or anyone with enhanced time sense, although he prefers telepaths, so he can enter total communion with them. He then simply flies and levitates and teleports around with this character, superimposing his nothingness over his companion's head. You might think someone like a shaman might see this character as possessed, but it should cause no problems, sense Urim is a completely nice guy with a completely good aura, and could simply telepathically explain the situation, or simply "run" away at the presence of a shaman.

Once hooked up, the exchange in information can make for some very nice battles. Have the "conduit" use projectile weapons, and preferably have things like orientation skill, and some good mathematics, or advantages adding to those. Then, all the conduit has to do his orient himself with a target, not even needing to aim his weapon in the right direction, or truly even the right angle. Urim moves over towards the target, and then signals the conduit to fire his weapon. Using the enhanced time sense of both characters, Urim then exoteleports the missiles to the proper place about his opponent, such that he will be hit (you'll get a minus to exoteleport for looking through another's eyes, but big deal; it is highly recommended that something such as intuitive mathematician be added to either Urim or the conduit, making placement of projectiles, and number fired, easier to predict and control). This is by far one of the most useful techniques, though it does require a lot particular advantages; currently, an inventor/gadgeteer with all the aforementioned attributes is being designed, and will make the perfect companion for Urim. Adding skills like Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis is also useful, and Mental Blow can be very devastating, too.

Use Second Sight, Precognition, Psi Sense, Emotion Sense and Psi Static to predict Urim from danger, and to just plain figure it out before hand and move to safety. Other astral entities and shamans are all that truly pose a problem, though Urim should have enough defenses for both of these types to save him.

Favorite Sayings:

"You ever hear that story about Adam and Eve? Yeah? Well, I was there!"
"I really don't think you wanna be beaten by the spirit of a disembodied brain, do you?"
"I sense a disturbance in the force."
"You have to eat and sleep and drink?"
"Beware the Fnordians. They cheat at cards."

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