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Hervystia "Hervy" Jubevera

Near-Human IOU student

Total: 100 points
[Created by David Walker]

Appearance: Hervy is a cute, 4'9" attractive, Squirrel-like near human. She could pass as human, with her blue eyes and red-brown hair, but for the large front teeth, the bushy, burgundy tail, the cute pink nose, and the ears sticking out of the hair on top of her head. Hervy is wearing a white T-shirt, pulled through the collar to form a sort of halter top that shows lots of cleavage, and a tight-fitting pair of jean cutoffs, cut so high as to look like bikinis. There is a hole in back for her tail.


(-15) 8 ST
( 30 ) 13 DX
( 45 ) 14 IQ
( 10) 11 HT
Speed 6 , Move 6 , Dodge 7, Swim 1
PD/DR: 0/0, Parry 0, Block 0
Fright Check 22 (!)
[Normally, Fright Checks "max out" at 13, but when you get someone who plays disco at Great Cthulhu... –]


(15) Appearance: Beautiful
(10) Fearlessness (+5)
(5) Rapier Wit (based off Fast talk, not Bard)
(1) Cool

Campaign Advantages:

(0) Student Health/Life Insurance

Racial Advantages:

(15) Combat Reflexes
(8) Speak with Animals, Only one Kind of Animal (One Species: Squirrels; -50%)
(0) Striker - Tail (-5 to DX, may be used to tickle)

Racial Powers:

Lightning Power 2, Full Power (-10%) (13 points); AutoTeleportation Power 12, Takes Extra Time (-10%), Takes Recharge (5 seconds) (-10%), Teleportation: Material doen't exchange places [BAMF!] (-20%), Teleportation: Retain orientation & vector, except Inter-planetary (-40%) (6 points); Knack: Utter Dome (100 base points (4 Power)), Immobile (-10%), requires concentration (-25%), All attacks from others INSIDE dome hit dome Generator (ME!!) (-20%) (45 points)



(-10 ) Academic Status (-2)
( -5 ) Lives On Campus


(-10) Impulsive
(-10) Curious (-2)
(-15) Weirdness Magnet
(-10) Short Attention Span

Regular Disads:

(-15) Lecherousness
(-10) Poverty: Struggling (x1/2)
(-10) Overconfidence
(-10) Delusion: IOU *IS* the real world.

Quirks (-5 points):

Always wears identical outfits (as appropriate for the season); Incompetence (Driving); No Drugs or Alcohol; Overprotective of Rodents; Sensitive about Height


Level Points Skill
11     0.5    Acting
14     0.5    American Animation (Hobby)
14     0.5    Anime (Hobby)
 9     0.0    Area Knowledge (Eugene)
13     0.5    Area Knowledge (Internet)
13     0.5    Area Knowledge (IOU)
11     0.5    Artist (Computer Graphics)
11     0.5    Artist (Animation)
11     0.5    Astronomy
11     0.5    Astronavigation
12     1.0    Autoteleport (Racial Skill)
12     1.0    Axe/Mace  (For Hyperspace Hammer)
12     2.0    Body Sense
14     0.5    Chess (hobby)
11     0.5    Climbing
12     1.0    Combat Teleport (Racial Skill)
13     0.5    Computer Operation (Graphics Software)
13     0.5    Computer Operation (Mac)
13     0.5    Computer Operation (PC)
11     0.5    Computer Programming
11     1.0    Erotic Art
12     0.5    Fast-Talk
14     0.5    Guns (Goopzooka)
14     0.5    Beam Weapons (Boy/Girl Gun)
12     0.5    History (earth)
14     0.0    Language (English)(Native)
13     0.5    Language (Squirrel)
12     0.5    Leadership
12     4.0    Lightning
11     0.5    Literature (Sci-Fi)
12     0.5    Performance
14     2.0    Punning
14     0.5    Role Playing Games (Hobby)
11     2.0    Sex Appeal  (Note: +2 vs women, +4 vs men)
11     1.0    Singing
12     1.0    Stealth
11     0.5    Strategy
13     1.0    Survival (Illuminati University)
12     0.5    Swimming
11     0.5    Tactics
12     1.0    Teleport: Galactic (Racial Skill)
13     1.0    Thrown Weapon (Popcorn Grenade)
12     0.5    Video Production
14     0.5    Wargames (hobby)


Attributes: 70
Advantages: 118 (Campaign: 0; Racial: 87)
Disadvantages: -115 (Campaign: -25; Racial: -45)
Quirks: -5
Skills: 32 (Racial: 3)
Total: 100

Hervy was done with:

GURPS(R) Character Assistant 2
Copyright 1995-1996 Armin D. Sykes. All Rights Reserved.


Hervystia Jubevera, "Hervy" to her friends, is an SCA student in a broad Communcations major, learing acting, singing, computer graphics, Animation, and video production. Hervystia claims, oddly enough, to have finished her high school in Eugene, Oregon. Indeed, with the exception of a few slightly misplaced locales, she HAS successfully navigated modern Eugene! She actually comes from a Bizzare alternate future, and was highly recruited to join IOU. She has considerable abilities in unusual fields, all seemingly electrically based, including teleportations, lightning bolts that spring from her fingers, and a forcefield that seems almost as effective as The Treatment!

As a Freshthing on campus, she has already caused a stir, being the first 1st-Semester Freshthing to draw the Archdean's attention when she changed Guido into Gweedette with her B/G Gun! The Archdean NEARLY considred revoking her usual off-limits rule, but relented when Hervy returned Guido to normal. At the start of this semester, Hervy joined the Sigma Epsilon Chi sorority, joining several of her SCA classmates.

Here's the TFOS stats: [TFOS = Teenagers From Outer Space]

Smarts: 5   Driving: 1   Powers:
Bod:    3   Cool:    5     Zap
RWP:    3   Looks:   6     Teleport
Luck:   4   Bonk:    6     Forcefield


Avoid Going Stir Crazy in Detention: +1
Zap Annoyances: +2
Tail Tickle: +1
Anime Hammer Leaps: +2
Flirt: +2

TFOS weapons

Boy/Girl Gun:

Type: Spec. Dam: Spec. SS: 10. Acc: 2. 1/2D: –. Max: 300. Wt: 0.5.
ROF: 1. Shots: 20/2AA. ST: --. Rcl: 0. Cost: 1000 (?). TL: IOU. Malf: Ver

The Boy/Girl Gun is a TINY weapon, about the size (and SHAPE!) of a 50-cent watergun. It is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket (you would notice the bulge however). If it hits the target, the target instantly changes gender. There is no effect on Appearance, personality, or any other characteristic EXCEPT gender. all males change into females, all females change into males. A second shot will restore the character to his/her original form. A Fright check SHOULD be required the first time a character is hit with this weapon. Hermaphrodites are unaffected by this ray. Characters which are Neuter will gain a pseudo-male or pseudo-female form, at random – a Pseudofemale will have, for example, a feminine hourglass figure, but a 'uniboob' instead of actual breasts. Pseudomales will resemble a Ken doll. At GM option an IQ roll may be required by others to recognize you. If the weapon malfunctions the weapon backfires in your hand, converting you to a Hermaphrodite! A Boy/Girl Gun will NOT restore you if you are the victim of a B/G-G backfire. Student Health may restore you. Or they may revive you in your current state! Or they may revive you as the OPPOSITE of your original gender! Or still a Herm . . .

B/G Guns are ALWAYS subject to the 'rule of 9' on a miss, but test everyone in a 60-degree cone-shaped area bisected by the line from shooter to target until you get a 'winner' or are out of potential targets. If using Basic Combat. Anyone not stated as being *BEHIND* the shooter may be a potential target!!!

[IOU Introduction: Creation of R.U.R. Takahashi, An extraordinarily demented (and Perverted) WUSE Professor.]


Type: Bind. Dam: 6d6. SS: 15. Acc: 11. 1/2D: 1000, Max: 4000, Wt: 12,
RoF: 1, Shots: 20/C ST: 11 RCL: -8, Cost: 1000, TL: IOU, Malf: Crit

Resembling an oversized Bazooka, the Goopzooka fires a HUGE wad of instant hardening Twinkie (tm) Creamy Filling, doing 6D6 of Bind (see supers), and Generally affixing its target to the spot, or to a wall. After 1 minute of being affixed, the Creamy Filling begins to dissolve, at a rate of 1 D6 per minute, completely freeing the character when the number of points left is less than his/her ST. All persons lose all charisma and positive attactiveness modifiers until they can take a shower. All social skills are at -10 as people constantly guffaw & snicker. Creatures with FUR lose any DR bonuses until after a shower. And must spend at least 3 hours cleaning afterwards to regain any positive appearance modifiers.

[IOU Reason: The Goopzooka was created as the Senior Project of Gary B. Pullsdough, a double major in the WUSE Department of Military Science and Cost Overruns and Food Science.]

Popcorn Grenades were a result of a critical success in the original TFOS Playtest. One use of this softball-sized device instantly fills a room with hot buttery popcorn in an intense explosion of Psychadelic, paisley light. If used outside, creates a mountain 2 miles high and 8 miles around. Otherwise just a softball-sized grenade.

(GM's Option: A lower power version could fill an area of 7 hexes with 20 feet of popcorn)

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