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Anti-magic Ifrit fanatic

Total: 125 points
[created by David Hadar (]

Has all the normal features of an Ifrit except that his horns are cut off almost totally. He has black hair and blue eyes. His wings are scarred from self imposed wounds and so is his face.


14 ST
16 DX
8 IQ
14 HT


Ifrit racial package (95 points)


Fanaticism (-15 points)
Intolerance (Religious; -10 points)
Secret (has Lecherousness disad & magery; Utter Rejection (x1), -10 points)
Great Vow: do what ever his cult feels is right (-15 points)

Quirks (-0 points)

He isn't allowed to have Quirks.


Level Points
16   1.0  Axe Throwing
16   2.0  Axe/Mace
15   1.0  Bolas
17   2.0  Brawling
17   4.0  Broadsword
14   0.5  Flight
16   1.0  Knife
17   3.5  Shortsword
16   2.0  Two-Handed Axe/Mace
18   8.0  Two-Handed Sword


Attributes: 55 points
Advantages: 95 points
Disadvantages: -50 points
Quirks: -0 points
Skills: 25 points
Total: 125 points


Space and Near Future:

Ifrits are a race or bio engineered humans with powerful psi abilities. Zinkons was raised by an antipsi organization. Give him, instead of magery, a couple of psi powers with no skills (and Uncontrollable . . . ). Note that psi can get out of hand if unskilled.

Modern and Supers:

A mutant(or whatever causes super power and psi) raised by a extremist cult that hates mutants and Psi. Give him some super or psi powers but no skills. The Uncontrollable Limitation is good here, too.


He does not know about the circumstances of his birth, but the monks told him that he was brought to them as a punishment from god to the people of the city (he believes them). He was raised by a very fanatical cult that believes that it is their personal job to cleanse the world of evil. They also believe that all magic is evil and thus should be destroyed. They made an exception in Zinkons (fight fire with fire). They trained him in fighting (and only that) and they taught him to be ashamed of himself and his urges. They taught him to despise magic as they do and to be fanatical, as they are.

Now he works for them, going on "holy" missions. He will attack and probably kill any spell caster (including Clerics), anybody that uses magical items, any magical creature and race (Dragons, Unicorns, Elves etc.) and anybody that the monks told him was evil (alchemists, Orcs, old women accused of witchcraft etc.).

When not under supervision or on mission (which is rare) he will act like a Ifrit - looking for excitement and romance. He is ashamed of these things and will often kill his partners in adventure and romance. All will rolls in that time are at -4. His standard of attractiveness are low because he spent all his life with monks, he will react to any unattractive woman as if she were normal and so on.

He is not very suited for a PC. But he can make a great NPC. He probably has a BIG price on his head and the PC's might try to collect the prize - that should be a challenge for them: first find him, then capture him. The PC's can try to convince him to join their more Just side. It should be very hard but worth it. If the PC's from the same or similar cult he can be a powerful Ally. If the PC's are successful in their attempt to convert him to their side he will probably start to learn spells and use magical weapons. The first thing he will do is punish the monks of the cult for using him.

Typical Quotes:

He doesn't say much except "Die, you magical scum."

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