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"Doc" Holiday

Healing Super and Hypnotist

[created by]
Total: 150 points


( 0) ST 10
(20) DX 12
(45) IQ 14
(10) HT 11

Advantages (68 points):

*Healing Power 8, *Regeneration, *Damage Control Power 10 (Affects Others (+40%)).

*All limited: Only while drunk (-30%).

Disadvantages (-70 points):

Alcoholism, Fear of Sharp Objects (Severe), Sense of Duty (to circus, -5 points), Secret (practicing without a license, -20 points), Struggling.

Quirks (-5 points):



Biochemistry/TL7-12 (2), Chemistry/TL7-13 (2), Diagnosis/TL7-18 (6), Driving (Car)-11 (1), El. Ops. (Medical)/TL7-13 (1), First Aid/TL7-19, Forensics/TL7-11 (0.5), Genetics/TL7-11 (0.5), Hypnotism-15 (6), Mathematics-12 (1), Performance-14 (2), Physician/TL7-19 (14), Physiology/TL7-15 (4), Poisons-16 (1), Psychology-13 (2), Research-13 (1), Sports (Golf)-14 (8), Surgery-17 (12), Veterinary/TL7-15 (2), Healing (M/Super)-13 (4), Damage Control (P/Super)-13 (12).

"Once a brilliant surgeon, you were caught in a crossfire between two supers using bladed missiles one day. Dying, you were taken to the hospital, where your metahuman powers of regeneration were activated by the pain-killers they gave you. More astounding than your miraculous recovery was the fact that you healed several patients in your ward, just by examining them. Unfortunately, when the painkillers wore off, so did your powers, and you found you couldn't face another knife or scalpel.

"With no way to practice your profession any more, you turned to drink, rediscovering your abilities in the process. Unfortunately, no one will certify a drunk healer, even one with metahuman powers, so you have to hide out on the fringes of society, doing what you can without the AMA finding out that you're still practicing. The circus is a great place - they even worked up an act for you around your hypnosis skills."

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