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Kriellen Linsey

President/Majority Owner of HBOmax

Total: 300

[She was done for a cyberpunk/magic world that never really got off the ground - I've also got an elf-version of her around, and a faun version, and an Ifrit version . . . But for the most part, just assume that with 300 points, you can make some really degenerate characters.]


(-15) ST 8
(30) DX 13
(60) IQ 15
(20) HT 12
Usual Reaction Mods (Male) (/+Aspect*2): +13/+17
Usual Reaction Mods (Female)(/+Aspect): +11/+13

Advantages (221 points):

Unusual Background (psi, 20 points), Charisma +2, Double-Jointed, ESP Power 5 (Includes Danger Sense), Moon Magery +2, Musical Ability +5, Reputation +1 (Corp. President), Voice, Status +4, Multimillionaire +1, Beautiful, Telepathy Power 3 (includes Empathy), Aspect Power 9 (Single-skill, 18 points).

[House Rule - you can buy additional levels in some aspect of a psionic skill, adding your "full blown Power level" to them - Kriellen has effective Aspect Power 12, for a +2 reaction mod to anyone within a yard or two of her, but all her other Telepathy skills will be at Power 3.]

Disadvantages (-60 points):

Enemy: Similar. Corps., Rarely (6-, -15 points), Fear of Dirt (mild), Lecherousness, Secret (Psi, -10 points), Secret (Former Streetwalker, -5 points), Sense of Duty (Mild, all employees, -5 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Lives on Brightside Lunar bases; Makes extreme fashion statements (leather, latex, etc.); Bi, Furry, mild Dom, & other kinks; Keeps exotic freshwater fish; Always wears a knife (often hidden); Tries not to "poach" on other people's partners. (A 0-pointer, just 'cause.)


English-15, German-13 (0.5), Japanese-13 (0.5).


Accounting-12 (0.5), Acrobatics-10 (0.5), Acting-15, Administration-10, Alchemy/TL8-11 (0.5), Artist-9, Astronomy/TL8-12 (0.5), Bard-20 (4), Computer Operation/TL8-11, Dancing-12 (1), Demolition/TL8-13 (0.5), Detect Lies-15, Diplomacy-14 (0.5), Disguise-13 (0.5), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL8-13 (0.5), El. Ops. (Holographics)/TL8-13 (0.5), El. Ops. (Communications)/TL8-13 (0.5), Engineer (Bombs&Traps)/TL8-12 (0.5), Erotic Art-10 (0.5), Escape-7, Fast Draw (Knife)-12 (0.5), Fast-Talk-13 (0.5), Fencing-11 (0.5), First Aid/TL8-14 (0.5), Free Fall/TL8-12 (1), Gambling-10, Guns/TL8-14 (0.5), Heraldry-10, Holdout-13 (0.5), Hypnotism-12 (0.5), Knife-13 (1), Knife Throwing-12 (0.5), Law-12 (0.5)/16, Leadership-15 (0.5), Lockpicking/TL8-10, Magic Jet-12 (0.5), Mathematics-12 (0.5), Merchant-13 (0.5), Musical Instr. (Guitar)-17 (0.5), Performance-18 (1), Photography/TL8-10, Poetry-10, Poisons-12 (0.5), Prof. Skill (Director)-13 (0.5), Psychology-15 (0.5), Savoir-Faire-19, Sex Appeal-11/17, Singing-18 (0.5), Staff-10 (0.5), Stealth-12 (1), Traps/TL8-13 (0.5), Vacc Suit/TL8-13 (0.5), Writing-13 (0.5).

Psi Skills:

Aspect-12 (1) [Has the "doubled vs members of opposite sex" enhancement], Emotion Sense-12/15 (0.5), Erase Signature-12 (0.5), Illusion-12 (0.5), Mental Blow-12 (0.5), Mind Shield-12 (0.5), Mindwipe-12 (0.5), Psi Sense-12 (0.5), Sleep-12 (0.5), Suggest-12 (0.5), Telereceive-12 (0.5), Telesend-12 (0.5), Clairaudience-12 (0.5), Clairvoyance-12 (0.5), Precognition-15, Psychometry-12 (0.5).Spells: Lend Strength-15 (1), Recover Strength-15 (1), Apportation-15 (1), Lockmaster-15 (1), Sound-15 (1), Voices-15 (1), Thunderclap-15 (1), Sound Jet-15 (1), Silence-15 (1), Light-15 (1), Colors-15 (1), Simple Illusion-15 (1), Complex Illusion-15 (1), Restore-15 (1), Dye-15 (1).

Conversions (all this, and you want conversions, too?):


Make her an elf. A rich elf. Give her more Charisma, instead of psi (heck, maybe just give her 3 levels of charisma instead of Aspect at all . . .). Maybe she runs a bardic school. Maybe she just owns a town. I dunno.


Super-mega-rockstar, maybe? Put the magic into psi, or put the points from both magic and psi into her skills and/or more Charisma (you can never have enough).


Pretty much the same - decide what you want to do with the points from the magic skills, and give her a Silver Tongue implant, maybe. (Maybe not . . . People will anticipate that. Maybe it's all Charisma!)

She was supposed to be a potential Patron for the PCs in a weird magic+cyberpunk game that never happened. She's still pretty amusing, if for no other reason than those evil reaction modifiers. Everybody just dotes on Kriellen! And all her corporate takeovers are quite friendly . . .

Typical Quotes:

"Hi there. Would you come by my penthouse tonight?"

"Oh, you're married. Oh, well . . . Does your husband mind threesomes?"

"I know it will cut profits, but get that department back in line with the safety regs - those are our people, not just street scum."

"Yes. I'd like to buy a controlling share in your company. I'm sure you agree that would be the best thing."

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