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Tom "The Black King" Damingo

Cyberpunk Gang Leader

Total: 200 points

[Created by: David Hadar <>]

He is a 25 year old man with tanned skin, black hair. One of his eyes is shiny red and the other one black.


12 ST
14 DX
12 IQ
12 HT


Extra Cash: 5000$ (+2) (10 points);
Acute Hearing (+2) (4 points);
Ally Group, Allow 100 point Allies (+10), Frequency: Quite often (12 or less) (*2), Size: Medium Group(6 to 20) (+20) (60 points);
Charisma +1 (5 points);
Contact: Street (Fixer/Black marceter), Effective Skill: 15 (+2), Frequency: Fairly often (9 or less) (*1), Reliability: Somewhat (*1) (2 points);
Extra Fatigue +1 (3 points);
Eye- Light Intensification, Unnatural: Obvious (x2/10) (2 points);
Eye- Telescopic Vision (+2), Unnatural: Obvious (x2/10) (2 points);
Reputation (street people are afraid of him) (+2), Frequency: Sometimes (10 or less) (*1/2), People: Large class (*1/2) (2 points);
Strong Will +1 (4 points);
Toughness +1 (10 points);
Weapon- Claws (fingertips), Unnatural: Obvious (x2/10), Unreliable: Fails (15 or higher) (x9/10) (3 points);
Weapon- Weapon Link, Unnatural: Obvious (x2/10) (3 points).


Code of Honor: Gang (-5 points), Curious +1 (-5 points), Fear of Open spaces (agoraphobia, mild, -10 points), Sense of Duty (Gang and family) (-10 points), Status -1 (-5 points); Enemy (rival gang), Frequency: Rarely (6 or less) (*1/2), Size: Medium Group(6 to 20) (-20) (-10 points)

Quirks (-5 points)

Delusion (he's a genteel man); Goal: eat real food (not syntha-food); Never been outside the city; Plays chess; Proud of his gang


Level  Points
13     2.0    Area Knowledge (his area)
11     1.0    Carousing
 8     0.0    Cooking
 9     0.5    Detect Lies
10     0.5    Disguise
12     0.5    Driving (Automobile)
15     4.0    Driving (motorcycle)
11     0.5    Escape
13     0.5    Fast-Draw (Pistol)
12     2.0    Fast-Talk
11     0.5    First Aid
11     0.0    Gunner
15     0.5    Guns (Light Automatic)
15     0.5    Guns (Pistol)
15     0.5    Guns (Rifle)
13     4.0    Intimidation
11     0.5    Judo
12     1.0    Karate
13     0.5    Knife
13     0.5    Knife Throwing
12     0.0    Language (english)
12     0.0    Language (spanish)
14     6.0    Leadership
12     2.0    Merchant
11     0.5    Pickpocket
11     0.5    Savoir-Faire (gang)
12     0.5    Stealth
 9     0.5    Strategy
12     2.0    Streetwise
12     2.0    Survival (Urban)
 9     0.5    Tactics
10     0.5    Teaching


Attributes: 105 points
Advantages: 110 points
Disadvantages: -45 points
Quirks: -5 points
Skills: 35 points
Total: 200 points


Tom "The Black King" Damingo was born in New Jersy. He was raised by his mother and father, who owned a Spanish fast food restaurant. He had one older brother who died in a gang fight; five younger brothers belong to his gang. He was good at school and the family had high hopes for him.

When he was 14 he ran away from home and became a pickpocket. After a year he came back home without telling his family about whare he been or what he'd done. He didn't get back to school; instead he joined a gang. He wasn't very good at taking orders so he quit. Some months after he quit his brother died ane he felt a bit guilty about that. Tom played with the idea of starting his own gang. Miz Bigtong(the fixer) promised Tom that she would have jobs for his gang. So Tom started a gang. At first it was very small but now there more than 20 people in his gang.


Tom is the leader and founder of the "black bishop" gang. This is a fairly non-violent gang (it is violent but not as much as the rest of them.) This gang gives "protection" for free so the shop owners like them. Most of the gang income comes from raids on MgaCorp. buildings and things like that. Tom is no robin hood but he is close (for cyberpunk anyway). Tom's nickname comes from his liking of chess. Tom tries to act like a genteel man but doesn't really stick to it (that's why it's only a quirk).

"Sex was great but now I want to play chess." (replying to Dee)
"Don't sweat, lady Bigtong. We can do it."
"Checkmate. Want to play again?" - "No? How come"?
"Let us not go out of the city, my lady."

note: a big % of his points went into the gang.

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