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Selene Holmes (A)

TL12 Girl Nightmare / Sensor & Computer Goddess

Total: 176 points
[Created & played by]

Age: 29 years. Appearance: white hair, white skin, pink eyes (not that you see them behind the silver wrap-around sensor goggles). Five-foot-eleven, slim. Wears a white biosuit.


(-10) ST 9
(0) DX 10
(45) IQ 14
(0) HT 10
Thrust 1-2, Swing 1-1, Speed 5, Move 5

Advantages (95 points):

Eidetic Memory 2 (60 points) Status +1, Very Wealthy, Attractive

(Acquired during play: many AI allies, including Plato and Aristotle, the TL13 Living-Metal AIs who took over the Thral and Unar governments after they (the Thrals and Unars) put a price on Selene's head . . . )

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Absent-mindedness, Albinism, Fear of Monsters (mild)

(Acquired during play: Enemy (Thral Government/Military) and Enemy (Unar Government/Military).)

Quirks (-5 points):

Minor Delusion (descended from Sherlock Holmes); Dislikes dirt; Curious; Likes gadgets; Normally wears display goggles


New Garavaran-14, Thral (common race, M/A)-14, Unar (common race, M/A)-14

[[Campaign Bennie - two additional "native" languages for humans, one additional one for non-humans.]]


Accounting-13 (0.5), Administration-16 (1), Area Knowledge (Byte Central)-15 (0.5), Area Knowledge (New Garavar)-15 (0.5), Area Knowledge (war zone)-15 (0.5), Astrogation (Hyperdrive)-21 (4), Astrogation (Warp drive)/TL12-17 (2), Astronomy/TL12-16 (2), Beam Weapons (Sonic)/TL12-11 (0.5), Chemistry/TL12-15 (1.5), Computer Operation/TL12-16 (1), Computer Operation/TL16-15 (0.5), Computer Programming/TL12-28 (8), Computer Programming/TL13-30 (3.5), Criminology/TL12-14 (0.5), Economics-11, El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL12-29 (1.5), Electronics (Communications)/TL12-26 (0.5), Electronics (Computers)/TL12-28 (8), Electronics (Computers)/TL13-29 (3), Electronics (Med:Neural)/TL12-25:31 (0.5), Electronics (Security Systems)/TL12-26 (0.5), Electronics (Sensors)/TL12-29 (2.5), Electronics (Sensors)/TL13-26 (1), Engineer (Robotics)/TL12-23 (5.5), Engineer (Robotics)/TL13-22 (2), Forensics/TL12-13 (0.5), Free Fall/TL12-8 (0.5), History-13 (0.5), Law-13 (0.5), Literature-13 (0.5), Mathematics-15 (1.5), Mechanic (Robotics)/TL12-15 (1), Merchant-17 (2), Musical Instrument (Violin)-13 (0.5), Nuclear Physics/TL12-13 (1), Photography/TL12-14 (0.5), Physics/TL12-16 (2), Planetology (Earthlike)/TL12-18 (2.5), Research-15 (1), Shipbuilding (Starship)/TL12-16 (1.5), Strategy-8, Tactics-8, Vacc Suit/TL12-15 (1)

[House Rule - any skill levels over 20 cost double points. (Created specificially to try to rein this Selene in, since no other characters had skills over 20 at the time.) With the institution of our "New EM" rules, the double-cost rule was repealed. I managed to forget how many points she had in the "over 20" pool - they're taken into account in the total cost, but not broken out separately . . . ]

Weapons & Possessions

Biosuit (PD 2, DR 15): $2,500, 3#
Force field bracelet (DR 50): $??, 0#
Sensor goggles: (runs 1m on B cell)
. . . sensor visor: $375 1#
. . . dedicated Complexity 5 computer: $125 ,0#
. . . medium-range comm. (5k mile range, video output): $55, 0#
. . . radscanner $250, 0#
. . . chemscanner $250, 0#
. . . bioscanner $250, 0#
. . . (5k yard range, +3 to skill)
Implant comm.: $250, 0#
Utility belt: $50, 1#
. . . personal kit: $25, 1#
. . . credcard
. . . mini tool kit (electronics): $400, 2#
. . . stunner (SS 4, Acc +3, 1/2D 15, Max 26, RoF 3~, Shots 100/C, -3 to HT roll): $150, 1#

Personal Total: $4,680, 9#

Basic tool kit (electronics): $1,200 ,100#
Violin: $200 ,3#
Clothes & baggage: $500, 50#
"Watson" AI, Complexity 8, IQ 13, includes audio/video I/O, holo output, medium-range comm.: $33,750, 30#

Ship&Planet equipment (detailed below): $498,040
Bank account: $170,074

Totals: $708,444, 192#

Ship Equipment: $129,080

Minifac (TL12): $27,500
Hyperdrive Astrogation database: $1,000
Ship tech database: $1,000
Electronics (Sensors) database: $1,000
Electronics (Computers) database: $1,000
Engineering (Electronics: Computors) program: <free - she programmed it herself>
Engineering (Electronics Sensors) prog: <free - she programmed it herself>
Astrogation (hyperdrive) program: <free - she programmed it herself>
Sensor Analysis program (Complexity 5, skill-18 or +8): <free - she programmed it herself>
Portable shop (electronics): $7,000
Engineering (Robotics) program: <free - she programmed it herself>
Engineering (Robotics) database $1,000
Engineering (Electronics: Communications): program: [free, she and Moonfur programmed it]
Electronics (Communications) database: $1,000
Engineering (Shipbuilding): $5,000
Engineering (Shipbuilding) database: $1,000
Astrogation (warp) program: <free - she programmed it herself>
Warp Astrogation database: $1,000
2 Minifacs: $33,000
3 Shipbuilding robots: $45,000
Astrogation (jump [instantaneous hyperdrive]) <free - she programmed it herself>
Living Disguise Kit: $2,500
Distort belt: $330
Multiscanner: $750

Planetary holdings $368,960

clone fund: $3,000
clone sample maint. fund: $500
12/8/101 braintape [133 point level]: $6,250
AI microframe ("Sapient Gordon" Complexity 8, IQ 13) [AE]: $30,000
2 Minifacs [AE] $44,000
2 Shipbuilding robots [AE] $30,000
Plasma miner [AE] $63,110
3/28/102 braintape [150.5 point level] $6,250
6/28/102 braintape [156 point level] $6,250
Ship deposit on Diana's Bow (timeline A version) (5%): $167,100
9/28/102 braintape [162 point level] $6,250
13/28/102 braintape [168.5 point level] $6,250

([AE] means it pertains to the timeline A version of Artemis Enterprises - an unadulterated scam to infiltrate living-metal computers into the warring Thral and Unar governments, and then have those nano-tech computers take over and make the ships stop fighting, leaving the Thrals and Unars no choice but to throw rocks at each other out of airlocks.)



Snarf some points out of Wealth for a level of Magery, and give her Thaumatology and Alchemy. Either she's got her hands on a Keen Eyes / Dark Vision / IR Vision / See Invisible / See Secrets / Mage Sight magic item (those goggles . . .), or she's inventing elixers that have month-long durations for "sensor-type" advantages . . . . (Just think, all those tech-skills will get their points put in some low-tech equivalents (Mechanic / Engineer skills for small gadgets, perhaps, and some Jeweler-type things, maybe) and magical effects. And for Alchemy, the Eidetic multiplyer comes into effect!)


Selene is on the fast-track to sentient AIs, not to mention various engineering procedures that make the Pentium or RISC processors look like pocket calculators. She can program things in her sleep. Alter the tech levels of the appropriate skills.

Near Future

Same changes as Modern, mostly. Add whatever "decker" mods seem appropriate. (And very likely watch enemy defenses crumble before her . . . )

This version of Selene Holmes (unlike the archetypical TL10 Selene from XenoSolutions, or the timeline B, TL11 Selene) was created for a game that rapidly turned silly. We were in the middle of a war, the GM "gifted" us with a 100,000 cy freighter that looked like the Millineum Falcon on steroids (we named it the Hell) and rapidly railroaded us into plots that involved both the Thral and Unar governments putting a price on our heads. Selene quickly warped under the pressure, from mild-mannered computer genius into a pragmatic, slightly ruthless, "I'm only taking over your governments for your own good, you know" technical goddess. This universe was TL12-verging-on-13. She invented TL13 computers, sensors, stealth systems, and nanotech - Living Metal.

She managed to infect the military fleets and homeworlds with Living Metal, which then transformed into two giant, distributed-system Artificial Intelligences - who held pacifistic views. One of their first acts was to take the military budget and turn it into a mega-tax refund.

A fellow PC invented the "jump drive" (a modified, unpleasant-to-use hyperdrive that took no time between here and there, unlike the extant version), which also was useful for time-travel. We'd discovered the alien research base responsible for starting the War (and blown it up when it re-awakened), so we went back in time 400 years and blew up the planet again. Unfortunately, Selene (A) was carrying 10 kilos of antimatter at the time, time travel killed off the living metal, and something went critical - our ships emerged in the past with an expanding fireball where her ship should have been. (That doesn't mean she's dead, mind you - just unavailable until we can fake this up and preserve the observer effect . . . The Kintaran PC, Moonfur, has sworn to do this around TL16 or so.)

What this Selene is really good for is demonstrating the terror of Eidetic Memory in a long-term game (starting at 100 points). She's the reason that we invented "New EM," which is explained in the timeline B version.

(The Computer Ops/TL16 comes from a game where she hacked into an alien computer . . . She had TL13 Computer Programming at the high 20's, and it was only a -15 for TL differences . . . You can scream now.)

[Note: Selene's name is pronounced: "SEH-leh-nee", not "Se-LEEN", or the probably more proper "Seh-LEH-neh." Her last name is pronounced "Homes", as in the Great Detective . . . ]

Typical Quotes:

"Your course of action is unwise."

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