Created for convention games, XenoSolutions is essentally a "space troubleshooting" corporation that hires out experts (or at least generalists) to go investigate various and sundry weird things that crop up in space or on planets... They've met hostile living metal, psionic critters that enabled Steam-powered Science to work (much to the delight of the lost human colony there), and even visited a planet with mages once.

The group generally gets a "modular" ship -- it has the living quarters module, the engines module, and whatever else seems handy at the time.

XenoSolutions Conversions:


The troubleshooting team of a lord, or perhaps there is a business that specilizes in solving strange problems for other people.


Sort of a civilian "X-Files," as I understand the concept. Or maybe it's not civilian! Their assignments run less to covert ops. than to simple problem-solving. Consider adding "Unfazable" to many of the PCs.

Near Future:

XenoSolutions is either a Corporation itself, or a subsidary of a megacorp.

Crew Members:

Selene Holmes, TL 10 Sensor/Computer Expert and Astrogator
Kelly M'Buto, Swiss Army Psi (100 points)
George Nakasira, TL10 Starship Engineer (100 points)
Kyle Nilsson, TL10 "People Person"/Communications Specialist (100 points)
William Rowen, TL 10 Starship Captain (100 points)
Anton Spinelli, TL 10 Planetary Sciences Specialist (100 points)
Frank Simmons, TL10 Security Specialist (100 points)
Aaron Wong, TL 10 Doctor/Life Sciences Specialist (100 points)

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