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Kelly M'Buto

Swiss Army Psi

[Created by]
Total: 100 points


(-10) ST 9
(0) DX 10
(45) IQ 14
(0) HT 10

Advantages: (75 points)

Astral Projection Power 2 (one-hour preparation (-50%)), Electrokinesis Power 3 (takes 4s concentration (-20%)), ESP Power 5 (one minute preparation (-20%)), Healing Power 2 (one-hour preparation (-50%)), Psychokinesis Power 10 (half-power in non-emergencies (-20%), uncontrollable (-30%), takes 4 seconds concentration (-20%)), Telepathy Power 3, Teleportation Power 10 (takes 1 hour to recover (-30%), costs 6 pts Fatigue (-30%), takes 2 seconds concentration (-10%)).

Disadvantages: (-40 points)

Primitive (TL4, -30 points), Code of Honor: Psi Ethics (-10 points).

Quirks: (-5 points)

Refers to herself (and other psis) as a "witch"; [4 undetermined]

Normal Skills:

Artist-12 (1), Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL10-12 (1), Boating-10 (1), Body Sense-8 (1), Occultism-12 (0.5), Seamanship/TL4-14 (1), Singing-9 (0.5), Survival (Island/Beach)-13 (1), Swimming-11 (2).

Psi Skills:

Astral Projection-12 (1), Autoteleport-12 (1), Clairaudience-11 (0.5), Clairvoyance-12 (1), Confuse-12 (1), Cryokinesis-11 (0.5), Cyberpsi-12 (1), Dampen-12 (1), Emotion Sense-12 (1), Energy Sense-12 (1), Energy Shield-12 (1), Exoteleport-12 (1), Healing-12 (1), Metabolism Control-11 (0.5), Mind Shield-13 (2), Photokinesis-11 (0.5), PK Shield-12 (1), Precognition-12 (1), Psi Sense-12 (1), Psychometry-13 (2), Pyrokinesis-12 (1), Sense Aura-11 (0.5), Surge-12 (1), Telekinesis-13 (2), Telereceive-12 (1), Telesend-11 (0.5).



Kelly may still be a psi, much to the confusion of real mages . . . Otherwise, she's your average hedge-witch/shaman - preferrably from a lower-tech culture than the rest of the PCs.


There really are lost cultures in the Amazon jungle, and Kelly's a former member. Fix her Survival, Boating, and Swimming skills to match that background, or say she was part of some island-dwelling group that was only recently discovered. If psi isn't around, then maybe she's just your average witch-doctor, using drugs and tricks. (Or maybe she's a mage . . .)

Near Future:

It's a lot harder to find a "lost culture"; if you can't, then Kelly was designed for some mega-rich person's personal Fantasy Island. However, he got more of a "shaman" than he bargained for... Depending on whether she was hired or built, she may have some tech skills. Consider making her Attractive.

Kelly M'Buto grew up in a recently rediscovered lost colony. Since the waterworld colony had regressed to TL4, she still finds starfaring technology rather intimidating. But she left her homeworld when her talents came to the attention of the contact mission - she was shunned as a witch by those who didn't understand her powers. Now fully trained, Kelly has most of the known psionic abilities, in some form or another.

[Kelly M'Buto was designed for convention games and once run by a friend of ours who liked her - so we imported her into the Space campaign that we've been running now and again - some of the psionic Limitations changed for that M'Buto, and somewhere she lost that Psi Code of Ethics . . .

It was that player who dubbed her a "Swiss Army Psi," a phrase which has infiltrated most of my speech these days . . . Kelly became almost pathologically laid back and unflappable. Her general reaction to things was "So?" She made friends with an alien AI, took out a bunch of terrorists who'd taken us hostage (by crit-failing Pyro rolls and making their guns explode a lot . . .), and has been known to team up with somebody else to read an NPC's mind while the other PC asks leading questions.]

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