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Lion Smith

Ultra-tech Mage

Total: 343 points
[Created By: (MR MARC D KEILBERG)]

Appearence: Cajun. Cajun accent. Fiery red hair, but which is covered up with a red hooded cloak. Wears an occult medalion around neck. Wears a facial mask (like the one Scorpion has) and a dark visor to cover up rest of face. 6'0", 175 lbs.


ST 12 (+20)
IQ 15 (+60)
DX 15 (+60)
HT 11 (+10)


Natural Spellcaster(RT) (+10 points); Weapon Master (RT; force sword) (+20 points); Mana Enhancer (RT) (+45 points); Second Sight (RT) (+5 points); Interface Jack (RT) (+5 points);
Acute Hearing Lvl. 1 (+2 points); Language Talent Lvl. 1 (+2 points); Rapid Healing (+5 points); Alertness Lvl.2 (+10 points); Eidetic Memory Lvl.2 (+60 points); Magical Aptitude Lvl.1 (+15 points); High Pain Threshold (+10 points)


Enemy (-10 points), Secret (who my enemy is; -5 points), Odious Personal Habit (tuneless humming; -5 points), Sadism (Physical; -15 points), On the Edge (-15 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Hates Ties; Loves slugs; Likes Mr. Goodbar; Likes to build models; Thinks there is a plug in the bottom of the ocean


Name        (pt?) Lvl
Lipreading     (3)  20
Ventriloquism    (2)  18
Detect Lies     (2)  17
Hypnotism      (3)  19
Tactics      (3.5) 20
Karate       (8)  15
Force Sword/baton  (8)  17
Force Shield    (4)  17
Research      (1)  16
Chemistry      (2)  19
Poisons       (2)  18
Stealth       (2)  15
Occultism      (2)  18
Scrounging     (2)  18
Interrogation    (1)  16
Int. Analysis    (1)  15
Traps        (1)  16
Disguise      (2)  17
Camouflage     (2)  17
Jacking-Off     (-)  4


Ignite Fire     (1)  15
Create Fire     (1)  15
Shape Fire     (1)  15
Cold        (1)  15
Heat        (1)  15
Fireball      (1)  15
Lend Strength    (1)  15
Purify Air     (.5)  14

[Obviously a house rule about halfpoints and spells. --arcangel]

Possesions, weapons, armor, etc.:

Force Sword
Force Baton
6 Lbs. Organic Poisons
4 Lbs. Water Hemlock
1 Lb. HCL gas
4 Lbs. Never poisons
Force shield
6 Lbs. Occult books
Disguise Kit
Trap making/disarming kit
ID Card (from dead gaurd; comes from current mission)
Survival Basics
1 Hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy
3 Changes of Clothes
Thief/Assasin O-rom
Gravity Pad
Force Baton
C-cells (7)
A-cells (2)
Forearm Computer/TL10 (came from home planet, surprisingly)
Lap Top Computer(have memorized very basic computer use commands)
Chemistry Set/TL13
Dark Visor
Red hooded cloak
Camouflaging Kit

Pretty Much undetermined at this point. Always looking for suggestions.
"As I have it, he is a 258 point character, with +85 in rebel training (denoted by RT)"

Name: Lion Smith (pronounce Lee Own, with a heavy french/cajun accent)
Born: Second Mage
Birthplace: One of the Earths. In his reality, this earth is highly magical, and very little technology is used; most of the magic can do everything an alien technology can do.

Lion has been played subsequently . . . Go here to see his updated character sheet . . .

A former editor comments: "This page is black because there's a rude skill in the skill list. Apparently it was actualy used in a game with this character . . . Probably not a very serious game, though . . . "

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