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Kitaru O'Donnell

TL10 Starship Captain

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Total: 100 points


(0) ST 10
(20) DX 12
(45) IQ 14
(10) HT 11

Advantages: (40 points)

Charisma +1, Luck 1 (15 points), Status +1 (starship captain), Wealthy.

Disadvantages: (-40 points)

Honesty, Low Pain Threshold, Sense of Duty (crew and all humans, -15 points), Stubbornness.

Quirks: (-5 points)



Administration-12, Astrogation-15 (4), Beam Weapons(laser)/TL10-13 (0.5), Beam Weapons(sonic)/TL10-15 (2), Brawling-13 (2), Computer Operation/TL10-13 (0.5), Economics-12 (1), Fast Draw (Pistol)-12 (1), Fencing-12 (2), Free Fall/TL10-11 (1), Law-12 (1), Leadership-15 (2), Mathematics-12 (1), Merchant-15 (4), Piloting (Aircar)/TL10-11 (1), Piloting (Large Spacecraft)/TL10-13 (6), Savoir-Faire-13 (0.5), Vacc Suit/TL10-12 (0.5).



A merchant caravan leader, perhaps, or the Captain of a sea-going vessel. Alter skills to fit.


Unfortunately, the "position" of independant trader is fairly uncommon in this day and age. If you can find some equivalent . . .

Near Future:

Ditto, though he might be running some sort of free-lance shipping.

The This Way Up is Kitaru O'Donnell's first command. O'Donnell is a charismatic commander and also the chief pilot and astrogator of the This Way Up. He's also not a bad man in a fight.

There's a version of Captain O'Donnell who belongs to the trouble-shooting company, XenoSolutions: William Rowen.

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