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Colin Kinazcy

TL15 Archaeolgy/Linguistics grad student

Total: 50 points

Age 22, light brown hair, black-brown eyes, on the paler side of tan, but still obviously the multi-ethinic racial mix of a New Garavaran human. Slightly on the short side of six feet, and a little thin.


(0) ST 10
(10) DX 11
(30) IQ 13
(0) HT 10
Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d, Speed 5.25, Move 5

Advantages (11 points):

Attractive, Language Talent +3

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Clueless, Combat Paralysis, Crippling Shyness (-15 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Falls in love a lot; mild neat-freak; [3 undetermined]

Skills                      Type Pts Level
Anthropology                     M/H   2    12
Archaeology                      M/H   6    14
Area Knowledge (Campus)          M/E  0.5   12
Area Knowledge (New Garavar)     M/E  0.5   12
Area Knowledge (sector 000)      M/E  0.5   12
Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL15        P/E         9
Climbing                         P/A   1    10
Computer Operation/TL15          M/E   1    13
Computer Programming/TL15        M/H  0.5   10
El. Ops. (Communications)/TL15   M/A   1    12
El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL15          M/A  0.5   11
First Aid/TL15                   M/E  0.5   12
Gesture                          M/E  0.5   12
History                          M/H   4    13
Linguistics                      M/VH  4    15
Literature                       M/H   1    11
Packing                          M/H   1    11
Piloting (Contragrav Belt)/TL15  P/A   1    10
Planetology (Earthlike)/TL15     M/A  0.5   11
Poetry                           M/A   1    13
Punning                          M/A   2    13
Research                         M/A   4    14
Scrounging                       M/E  0.5   12
Survival (Urban)                 M/A  0.5   11
Writing                          M/A   1    12
Xenology                         M/H   2    12


New Garavaran                    M/A        17 
Fasanni                          M/A  0.5   15 
Irari                            M/A  0.5   15 
Sparrial                         M/A  0.5   15 
Thral                            M/A  0.5   15 
Trade Kintaran                   M/A  0.5   15 
Unar                             M/A  0.5   15 
Greek                            M/A  0.5   15 
Japanese                         M/A  0.5   15 
Latin                            M/A  0.5   15 
Russian                          M/A  0.5   15 
[average]                        M/A  0.5   15 
[average]                        M/A  0.5   15 
[hard]                           M/H  0.5   14 
[very hard]                      M/VH 0.5   13

[The undecided languages are "dead" ones, from the various extinct civilizations that he studies.]

Attributes: 40 points
Advantages: 11 points
Disadvantages: -40 points
Quirks: -5 points
Languages: 7 points
Skills: 37 points
Total: 50 points



Colin becomes a scholar or possibly a Communication&Empathy mage's apprentice. He will probably get some minor defense skill, like Staff; various other skills will turn into their nearest cognates.


Mostly just alter the TL of various skills, I think, and change the languages he knows. (Ancient Mayan, Egyptian, etc . . . )

Near Future:

Pretty much the same changes as Modern, but he might have a few more defensive skills so that he can be useful when the group is on a "stealth dig" on someone else's property . . .

Colin Kinazcy is very, very good with languages. He's not nearly so good with people, who behave in ways stranger than Kintaran dialect declensions. In the Archeology department, where people dig up dead civilizations with unknown languages, he's a highly sought-after grad student, even if he does tend to stutter and drop things in the presence of any attractive and/or friendly female. (And compose half-way decent love-poems that the subject will probably never see . . . )

Colin is currently one of the grad students studying under Steve Heinrich. He's also one of the tidiest, with an ability to put things in places and find them again later - admittedly, something of a "neat freak," but hey, somebody has to be good at the detail-work, right? Colin often winds up in charge of expedition cargo.

If TL15 isn't your idea of Space, just scale down accordingly. Piloting (contragrav belt) will probably turn into Piloting (Aircar) or some such.

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