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Embereyes M'Artemis

Kintaran Apprentice Engineer

Total: 100 points

Age: 10 New Garavaran Years (equiv to a 14-15 year old human), about 300 pounds. Appearance: Four-foot-ten at the ear-tips, white fur, magenta eyes.


(0) ST 7/14 (ST 10/20 when adult)
(10) DX 12/13
(30) IQ 12 (IQ 13 when adult)
(0) HT 12 (HT 13 when adult)
Thrust 1-3/1, Swing 1-3/2, Speed 7.25, Move 8, Sprint 16

Advantages (86 points):

Kintaran (81 points), Attractive

Disadvantages (-41 points):

Albinism, Combat Paralysis, Impulsiveness (racial), Overconfidence, Youth +3 (10 years old; Kintarans are adult at 13.5)

Quirks (-4 points):

Loves Ice Cream; Takes Showers; Uses Perfume (not floral or citrus, though); Likes video games - esp. piloting simulators (Likes making things go fast); Vain of Self (racial quirk)


Family Kintaran-12, Trade Kintaran-12, New Garavaran (human; M/A)-12 (1), Thral (common race, M/A)-11 (0.5), Unar (common race, M/A)-11 (0.5)


Stealth-13, Beam Weapons(Sonic)/TL11-13 (0.5), Brawling-11/12 (0.5), Climbing-12 (0.5), Computer Operation/TL11-11 (0.5), Electronics (Weapons)/TL11-9 (0.5), Engineer (Hyperdrive)/TL11-10 (1), Engineer (Warp Drive)/TL11-13 (6), First Aid/TL11-11 (0.5), Free Fall/TL11-12 (0.5), Gunner (Laser)/TL11-11 (0.5), Intimidation-9, Jumping-13 (0.5), Mechanic (Hyperdrive)/TL11-10 (0.5), Mechanic (Starship)/TL11-11 (1), Mechanic (Warp Drive)/TL11-9, Mathematics-9 (0.5), Piloting (Medium-small ships)/TL11-12 (2), Running-10 (0.5), Scrounging-11 (0.5), Survival (Plains)-11 (0.5), Swimming-10.

Weapons & Possessions

Utility Belt: $25, 1#
Personal Kit: $25, 1#
Head-band flashlight: $30, 1#
credcard: $100, 0#
stunner (SS 4, Acc +3, 1/2D 15, Max 26, RoF 3~, Shots 100/C, -3 to HT roll): $150, 1#
Biosuit (DR 15, PD 2): $10,000, 7#



Embereyes is a young huntress, but has plans for making chariots . . .


I still don't see how you're going to put aliens into a Modern campaign . . . Unless they're invading? Embereyes would be a cute invader.

Near Future

Embereyes is a bio-engineered android, probably owned - the question is why she's growing up as a kid, instead of being taught in dreamgames and fast-grown. Maybe she's a corp-kid's playmate-bodyguard? Remove many of her technical skills and replace them with stuff like Security Systems and combat skills. Keep Piloting/Driving for some typical means of transportation, though.

Embereyes was born on the Choosaraf (First-Star), but left with her big sister, Moonfur, to make their fortunes. Embereyes is technically employed by Artemis Enterprises (Selene Holmes (B)'s company), but receives a very minimal wage as she's still at the "watch the lights and learn" level of expertise. She and Moonfur sometimes do some very basic scout-work. (She's in a couple of my stories in Pawprints.)

Typical Quotes:

"A Turtle-and-Caramel ice cream cone, please!"

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