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Donald "The Pig" Phrezz

Cyberpunk Decker/Hacker

Total: 100 points
Created by: David Hadar <>

A fat 30 year old man, black hair, brown eyes. It is very unpleasant to be in his company. Among his odious personal habits are insulting women, eating with an open mouth, talking while eating, almost never showering and other kinds of disgusting habits.

Attributes (25 points):

9 ST
9 DX
15 IQ
8 HT

Advantages (71 points):

5000$ (*5) (25 points)
Acute Taste & Smell +1 (2 points)
Contact: Street (fixer), Effective Skill: 15 (+2), Frequency: Quite often (12 or less) (*2), Reliability: Somewhat (*1) (4 points)
Neuro- Chip Slot (+2) (10 points)
Neuro- Environmental Interface (30 points)

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Appearance: Unattractive (-5 points)
Fat (200%) (-20 points)
Odious Personal Habit (see description above; -3 reaction modifier) (-15 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Incompetence (most social) (-2 points); doesn't go out of the house (-1 point); Likes to Eat (-1 point); Trademark: the Pig program (-1 point)

Skills (49 points):

Level  Points 
19       24.0    Computer Hacking
14        0.5    Computer Operation
17        8.0    Computer Programming
16       12.0   Cyberdeck Operation
15        4.0    Electronics
13        0.5    Electronics Operation


math chip (500$)
Electronics[4] Skip (8000$)
Cyberdeck: Complexity 2, SI 2, Slots 2 (31250$)
Programs: "He don't NEED no stinking Programs"


Attributes: 25 points
Advantages: 71 points
Disadvantages: -40 points
Quirks: -5 points
Skills: 49 points
Total: 100 points


Donald Phrezz was created so no PC will have to be the Hacker. He is a skilled Hacker but a revolting human. The PCs go to him only when necessary (GMs should describe his behavior in detail so the players won't want to come to him either . . .). He has mostly computer skills because they are the only things that he ever pays attention to.

He doesn't go out of his apartment and all the things he needs he gets from the net or from his fixer. He designed a new program, "the Pig;" it deletes all Ps out off the system except those in the word "Pig." He leaves this program when ever he can. He is very proud of his skill as a hacker and does not use a lot of programs.

Typical Quotes:

"Get me seven large pizzas, extra chez, peperoni and pineapple."
"Hi, Dee, looking good today!" (whistle)
"So what if I'm disgusting? You need me and you know it."
"Did it and I didn't need to use the Ice Breaker."
"Do you deliver?"

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