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Races M'Rau M'Clawstripe

TL3 Kintaran Huntress

Total: 110 points

Cheetah-like brown tabby, a little on the small side.


(0) ST 10/20
(20) DX 13/14
(10) IQ 11
(10) HT 14
Thrust 1-2/2-1, Swing 1/3+2, Speed 8, Move 9, Sprint 18

Advantages (81 points):

Kintaran (acute hear/smell+3, claws +2, etc.; 81 points)

Disadvantages (-30 points):

Jealousy, Laziness, Sense of Duty (friends, -5 points), Skinny

Quirks (-5 points):

Mildly ambitious; [4 undetermined]


Stealth-14, Area Knowledge (<area>)-12 (2), Beam Weapons/TL12-10, Bolas-14 (4), Brawling-14/15 (2), Climbing-15, Cooking-10 (0.5), Dancing-11 (0.5), Fast Draw (Knife)-12 (0.5), First Aid/TL3-10 (0.5), Intimidation-15, Jumping-13 (0.5), Knife-14 (2), Knife Throwing-12 (0.5), Lasso-11 (0.5), Leadership-15, Running-12 (1), Sex Appeal-11, Spear-12 (1), Survival (Plains)-11 (2), Tactics-10 (2), Tracking-12/15 (4), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL12-9 (0.5),


Trade Kintaran (M/A)-12, Family Kintaran (M/A)-12.



If you had to, you might be able to convert her to a more standard horse-centaur (which would free up boocoos of points), but I happen to think Kintarans would make a cool fantasy race.


Invading alien, member of a rainforest tribe of non-humans . . . I dunno. You figure something out and tell me, eh?

Near Future

Races (like all Kintarans in this setting) is actually a gengineered race, meant for security work. Alter tech levels to fit, and exchange most of her primitive weapon skills for higher tech ones. Some limited cyborging is also possible.

Races M'Rau M'Clawstripe means, "Races, of the clan run by Clawstripe." (Kintarans do not usually have the "er" (Hunter, fisher, etc.) form of a word. Races is a very speedy Kint.)

She's an NPC in a PBEM I'm running, but it's okay if the players look. In this PBEM, Kintarans are not yet spacefaring, and Races is unusual in that she doesn't have the Primitive disadvantage. One wonders where she learned about tech, though, doesn't one? <evil smile>

Races has a slight rivalry going on in her clan, with Wahn (leader) Clawstripe. If Races thinks she's got enough support from the rest of the clan, she'll challenge for leadership. Clawstripe regards the younger, smaller huntress with wary amusement - she's not oblivious to Races' ambitions, but she doesn't feel terribly threatened, either.

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