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Amadi Kipp

TL15 Archeology grad student/quasi-jock

Total: 60 points

Age 22, dark hair, naturally tanned skin, dark green-hazel eyes, six-foot-even, a little on the bulky-muscled side. Often wears sleeveless T-shirts. Friendly, perceived as slightly attractive.


(20) ST 12
(30) DX 13
(0) IQ 10
(10) HT 11
Thrust 1d-1, Swing 1d+2, Speed 6, Move 7

Advantages (4 points):

Acute Vision +2

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Gullibility, Honesty, Overconfidence, Struggling Wealth

Quirks (-5 points):

Loves Archaeology; a gormet cook; [3 undetermined]

Skills                      Type Pts Level
Archaeology                      M/H   8    12
Area Knowledge (Campus)          M/E   1    10
Beam Weapons (laser)/TL15        P/E  0.5   13
Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL15        P/E  0.5   13
Boxing                           P/A   1    12
Carousing                        P/A   4    12
Climbing                         P/A   1    12
Cooking                          M/E   4    12
Dancing                          P/A   1    12
Driving (ATV/Crawler)            P/A   1    12
First Aid/TL15                   M/E   2    11
Force Sword (Sport)              P/A   1    12
Hiking                           P/A  0.5    9
Jumping                          P/E  0.5   12
Lifting                          P/H   1    10
Research                         M/A   4    11
Running                          P/H  0.5    8
Sex Appeal                       M/A   4    12
Survival (Urban)                 M/A   2    10
Swimming                         P/E  0.5   12
Tournament Law (Force Sword)     M/E   2    11
Wrestling                        P/A   1    12


New Garavaran                    M/A        10

Attributes: 60 points
Advantages: 4 points
Disadvantages: -40 points
Quirks: -5 points
Languages: 0 points
Skills: 41 points
Total: 60 points



Amadi is a warrior-in-training who also likes guarding this bunch of scholars while they dig up these ancient things. He's picking up some of their knowledge, and is fascinated. Change his Wrestling and Boxing to Brawling, Force Sword become Broadsword, and gets at least one more point in it. His Cooking skill goes down to half a point, as does Tournament Law, and he picks up Shield skill. He may also get Tracking skill, and maybe a level of Alertness or a couple of Acute Hearing. His Archaeology skill level will go down a bit. Beam Weapons will become Crossbow. Dancing might be removed or drop down a few levels.


Mostly just alter the TLs of things. Force Sword becomes Fencing, Beam Weapons become Guns, or perhaps Bow, if he's into Archery.

Near Future:

Mostly just alter TLs. Force Sword becomes Fencing (Saber), and he may own a vibroblade or monowire version of same.

Amadi Kipp is a member of just about every sports club on campus, but he's not just your "dumb jock" type, despite what others might think. He loves delving into past cultures and civilizations, excavating things with patient care, and generally dwelling in the musty, mysterious past. When he's not practicing Force Sword or lifting weights, of course - those might knock things over if he did them in the lab.

Amadi doesn't have the talent for the material that some of his fellow students do, but he does have the dedication. He may take several more years before he actually gets his thesis done, but it will be thoroughly done! (This doesn't mean he won't gripe and moan at being overworked, of course. He's not a workaholic like Ms. Wu.)

Amadi's other skills are generally in the "sport" catagory - he's rarely held a laser pistol that put out more power than a targeting beam, and his Force Sword skill has always been with "tingler" swords, to the first five touches . . . (Combat Force Sword skill defaults to Sport version at -3, I believe.)

Amadi is currently one of the grad students studying under Steve Heinrich - Steve being one of the teachers who recognized Amadi's virtues of patience and dedication, rather than disregarding him as not being "the brightest and best."

If TL15 isn't your idea of Space, just scale down accordingly.

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