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Caradoc Wu

TL15 Xenosociology/Archaeology grad student

Total: 15 points

Age 20, dark hair, dark eyes, slight natural "tan" skin (typical New Garavaran multi-ethinic genetic mix appearance), about 115 lbs., five-foot-six.


(0) ST 10
(0) DX 10
(30) IQ 13
(-10) HT 9
Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d, Speed 4.75, Move 4

Advantages (0 points):


Disadvantages (-40 points):

Combat Paralysis, Stubbornnes, Truthfulness, Workaholic (-5 points), Struggling Wealth

Quirks (-5 points):

Seriously lacking in tact; [4 undetermined]

Skills                      Type Pts Level
Anthropology                     M/H   1    11
Anthropology (Xeno-)             M/H   6    14
Archaeology                      M/H   6    14
Architecture/TL7                 M/A   1    12
Area Knowledge (Campus)          M/E  0.5   12
Area Knowledge (New Garavar)     M/E  0.5   12
Area Knowledge (sector 000)      M/E  0.5   12
Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL15        P/E         8
Cartography/TL15                 M/A  0.5   11
Computer Operation/TL15          M/E  0.5   12
El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL15          M/A  0.5   11
First Aid/TL15                   M/E  0.5   12
Games: Chess (Hobby Skill)       M/E  0.5   13
History                          M/H   2    12
Paleontology (General)           M/H   2    12
Paleontology (Paleoanthropology) M/H   2    13
Piloting (Contragrav Belt)/TL15  P/A  0.5    8
Planetology (Earthlike)/TL15     M/A  0.5   11
Psychology                       M/H   2    12
Research                         M/A   6    15
Scrounging                       M/E  0.5   12
Sociology                        M/H   2    12
Survival (Urban)                 M/A  0.5   11
Xenobiology (Terrestrial)        M/A  0.5   11
Xenology                         M/H   2    12
Zoology                          M/H  0.5   10


New Garavaran                    M/A        13 
Thral                            M/A  0.5   11 
[average]                        M/A  0.5   11 

[The undetermined language is that of the extinct civilization she's using in her thesis paper.]

Attributes: 20 points
Advantages: 0 points
Disadvantages: -40 points
Quirks: -5 points
Languages: 1 point
Skills: 39 points
Total: 15 points



Caradoc is an intense scholar; alter TLs and skills to fit.


Mostly just change the TLs and skills to fit TL7; Caradoc's probably already half-way up the ivory tower, with no desire to deal with anything outside her subject matter.

Near Future:

Combat Paralysis might get removed (Self-Defense Only would be a valid change), but otherwise few changes. TL and specific skills will get modified, of course.

Caradoc Wu is a thin, dark young woman who spends far too much time playing with fossils and trying to intrepret/explain/uncover the societies of dead civilizations. She builds elaborate models (some holographic) of how these extinct races lived, worked, played, and otherwise left their marks upon their worlds. She's also fascinated by the various manifestations of "pets" in alien societies, and the socio-environmental reasons for them.

Caradoc often prefers the company of her bone shards and artifacts to that of anyone else, and her Truthfulness has a regrettable tendency to manifest as blunt statements of the facts as she sees them - whether it's referring to some bit of research, or informing someone that no, that new dress isn't flattering, and in fact, makes the wearer look like a turnip.

(Sometimes Caradoc will come up with some incisive insight into someone else's troubles/personality - why she apparently never bothers to do this on her own behalf is a mystery to her fellow students.)

Fortunately for Caradoc's continued survival, she does good work - and can occasionally be persuaded to help someone with the latest workload their professor has dumped on them. After all, only Caradoc doesn't complain about more work . . .

Caradoc is currently one of the grad students studying under Steve Heinrich.

If TL15 isn't your idea of Space, just scale down accordingly. Piloting (contragrav belt) will probably turn into Piloting (Aircar) or some such.

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