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Mystebrooke ("Misty")

Yrth Water-Mage

Total: 100 points (or thereabouts)

Around five-foot-five, somewhat thin-faced, mouse-blond hair and light blue eyes (what else?). Tends to smile enough that she's remembered as faintly attractive by most people.

Attributes (50 points):

ST 9, DX 10, IQ 15, HT 10

Advantages (47 points):

Literacy, One-College Water Magery 3, Luck 1 (15 points)

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Odious Personal Habit: Practical Joker (-10 points), Overconfidence, Pyrophobia (mild, -10 points), Sense of Duty: Everyone known personally (-10 points).

Quirks (-5):

Only drinks water; likes to travel; works cheap for farmers ("Drought, you say?"); bathes at least once a day (more like 3); quirk-level spendthrift.




Riding: Horse - 8 (0.5), Agronomy/TL3 - 13 (0.5), Naturalist - 13 (1), Survival: Any - 10 (0), Diplomacy - 13 (1), Fishing - 14 (0.5), First Aid/TL3 - 14 (0.5), Swimming - 10 (1), Knife - 7 (0), Staff - 8 (1), Ice Dagger Throwing - 13 (8), Ice Sphere Throwing - 11 (0), Water Jet - 10 (1), Traps/TL3 - 14 (1).

[I think these are her original stats, but I'm not sure, since I did play her a few times. Ice Dagger Throwing may be only 12, for 4 points.]


(All Water spells and Recover ST are at level 16; all spells learned as pre-reqs are at level 13, and can only be cast in High Mana areas)

Water Spells:

Seek Water, Purify Water, Create Water, Shape Water, Destroy Water, Breathe Water, Dehydrate, Essential Water, Walk on Water, Fog, Water Vision, Umbrella, Snow Shoes, Water Jet, Body of Water, Ice Sphere, Ice Datter, Frost, Ice Slick (the practical joker's friend), Rain, and Geyser (VH, and level 15).

Other spells:

Apportation, Purify Air, Create Air, Destroy Air, Clouds, Seek Earth, Shape Earth, Earth to Air, Shape Stone, Lend Strength, Recover Strength.

(She had 6.5 earned points, which may account for any errors.)

Weapons and Possessions:

Staff with Staff Enchantment and Light Enchantment, Dagger, Cookpot with Cook Enchantment (3 meals), One-person Tent with Weather Dome Enchantment (variant, as Magic does not list this as enchantable; it cost $200), Middle Class Clothes, Winter Clothes, Overcoat, Shoes, Small Backpack, Personal Basics, Fishing Line and Hooks, Simple First Aid Kit, Whetstone, some cash.


Modern through Space

I'm really not sure what would work - perhaps Psionic abilities? Cyrokinesis and a spot of Teleport, maybe? (Teleport the water in. Splash. Freeze it . . . ) Limitations on the Teleport Power: Liquids Only? Kinda evil . . .

Mystebrooke was designed for fun, and played for a while in Yrth. I forgot what her early history was - orphan, I think. She got taken in early to the Water-Mages' guild; while she was still an apprentice, some Fire-Mage apprentices came and torched the apprentices' dorm - Essential Fire. Several other apprentices died. (Pyrophobe, pyrophobe . . . )

When she was in play, she was part of the guards for a goblin merchant who dealt in magical and alchemical goods (K'thk'th'pk, aka "Leagues"); the other guard was a combat monster half-elf, and we picked up a 3-way split personality thief-type (one personality had honesty, another was klepto, and the third was Mute!).

Two GMs - one ran everyone through the vampire-giant plot in Fantasy Adventures (we got accosted by thugs - Leagues kept them talking while Mystebrooke cast Geyser in their midst; at another point, we were fighting gargoyles and Myste cast Ice Slick across a hallway, and Snow Shoes on the party); our greatest moment was when we got caught in the tower, the combat monster had been Charmed by the vampire (and had DX 20 due to taking an alchemical elixer), and Myste improvised the Frost Heave spell to destroy the stones of the tower and let sunlight in. Then Leagues, the Lame goblin merchant, hit the vamp once with his staff and it crumbled. *sigh*

Other GM ran a simple horse-stealing adventure - one of Leagues' numerous relatives was being framed for horse-theft, and we had to find the real thief. We did, with the help of a Water Elemental that Myste summoned up (no, she doesn't have Summon Water Elemental! She improvised it! And used Luck for the reaction roll . . . ).

Typical Quotes:

"Can you get the whole town together? I can make it rain over most of the fields, I think . . . "

"Oh, right, money. Yeah, whatever - that sounds like enough. Could you pack me one of those loaves for the road, maybe?"

"Fifteen coppers for a bath?? Oh, fine, here, but don't expect me out anytime soon."

<leaning over someone who has just slipped and fallen> "Uh, careful. I think it's slippery there."

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