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Penni, daughter of Gendrus

Precocious mage-kid

Total: 109 points

Rather androgynous. 5'2" 90 lbs.


(-10) ST 9
( 10) DX 11
( 60) IQ 15
( 0) HT 10
Thrust 1-2, Swing 1-1, Speed 5.25, Move 5

Advantages (70 points):

Magical Aptitude 3, Literacy, Luck (15 points), Patron (Daddy (Gendrus, Movement Mage), Fairly Often; 10 points)

Disadvantages (-41 points):

Overconfidence, Skinny, Squeamishness (Mild, -10 points), Stubbornness, Triskadekaphobia (Mild, -5 points), Youth 3 (15 years old, -6 points)

Quirks (-4 points):

Loves ADVENTURE; OBNOXIOUS!; "Spoiled Brat" (has moments of decency); Hates Needlework (or any other "ladylike" skill, for that matter)


Acting-14 (1), Disguise-11 (0.5), Fast-Talk-14 (1), Stealth-11 (1), Scrounging-11, Shadowing-11 (0.5), Lockpicking/TL3-13 (0.5), Knife-7, Staff-6, Savoir-Faire-14 (0.5), Diplomacy-13 (1), Needlecraft-9 (0.5), Body Sense-9 (1), Aiming Poltergeist-10 (0.5),


Anglish (M/A)-15


Apportation-16 (1), Levitation-16 (1), Flight-16 (1), Hawk Flight-16 (1), Teleport (VH)-18 (8), Lockmaster-16 (1), Poltergiest-16 (1), Teleport Other (VH)-15 (1), Light-16 (1).

Teleport Table

<10 hex/3/0
11-20 hex/4/-1
21-100 hex/5/-2
101-500 hex/6/-3
501 h-1.99 mi/7/-4
2-9.99 mi/8/-5
Etc, w/ +1 cost for each 10x increase in distance.

Teleport Other Table

Under 10# = .5x TC
10-49#   = 1x Teleport Cost
50-99#   = 2x TC
100-200#  = 3x TC

One additional Multiple for each 100# thereafter. Same skill penalties as Teleport.



Penni is probably the daughter of some suburban family, and a latchkey kid. She's also a fairly powerful psionic Teleport and Psychokinetic . . . (Add Photokinesis if you want her to do Light as well.) She may cloak her abilities in trappings of "magic" (consider the Takes Extra Fatigue limitation, and possibly Takes Extra Time), or not, as the GM wishes. Her parent(s) probably don't know her powers. Penni probably plays hookey from school, too.

Near Future

Penni's probably got a small gang of other kids that she hangs out with now, and her parent(s) may know that she's running around with minor hoodlums - but they don't care. Change Needlecraft to some more appropriate "they made me learn it" skill. Swap psionics for spells, as above. She may also gain Klepto-quirks. Or maybe she's a gengineered project on the lam . . . (Lose the Patron in that case, and take Enemy and Secret instead; even absent family provide a roof over the head and such like.)


It gets more unlikely that Penni's psionic abilities would be secret anymore - perhaps her father is also a powerful psi. The gengineered project option is also available, as well as being "on the run" from her creators. However, it would probably turn out that she's being raised by a very nice (if very mundane) foster family, and she's only running away out of boredom.

Penni, aka "Pen" (a good name for a literate street urchin) is the only child of Gendrus, a One-College (Movement) Mage. Her mother is deceased, daddy's not home much, and Penni is generally left alone all day with the household nanny/maid/cook/etc. and the occasional tutor (for reading, sums, and spells). Said household servant, while "motherly" enough, has very strict notions of what a good little girl should be doing with her time. Penni, scrawny enough to pass for a boy, has other notions - usually involving picking backdoor locks, floating around, and bamf-ing wherever it suits her fancy. Most of the time, this results in her running around the back alleys, dressed as a scruffy street urchin, and watching all the people that she'd never get to see as a well-brought-up mage's daughter.

When she was played, Penni lived in Megalos (Yrth, from GURPS Fantasy, 2nd ed.). One of her most entertaining exploits was to bamf into the offices of a local Count's chief spymaster - and get away with it! You see, she just wanted to talk to the chief spymaster, so the Watchdog enchanted into the room didn't go off: no hostile intent. She even poked around a little while waiting and read some of the papers there, but eventually got bored and bamfed out again . . .

Cutting her back to 100 points would probably be easy - pull 7 of those points out of Teleport, and pick four of her one-point skills to drop to 1/2 point.

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