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Teresa "Terry" Chandler

Telepath, ESPer, thief, con-artist & private detective

Total: 176 (started as 150; GM gave too many points . . . )


(-10) ST 9
(45) DX 14
(60) IQ 15
( 0) HT 10
Thrust 1-2, Swing 1-1, Speed 6, Move 6

Advantages (103 points):

Absolute Direction, Charisma +1, Double-Jointed, Eidetic Memory 1, Patron (Devlin's Detective Agency; 0 points as a required advantage for the campaign), Strong Will +2, ESP Power 5 (includes Danger Sense), Unusual Background (psi, 10 points), Telepathy Power 3 (includes Empathy), Voice.

[[Campaign Rule - pay Unusual Background for psi. Fortunately, you only pay once, and you can have as many different powers as you want. Other House Rule the GM sprang a few games into the campaign is that you can't raise Power Levels! But you can raise Strong Will . . . My goal was to keep giving Terry Strong Will until she could say, "Oh, Cthulhu. Whee. Tell him to wipe his feet."]]

Disadvantages (-60 points):

Overconfidence, Sense of Duty (Friends), Duty (to patron, -5 points), Skinny, Pacifism: Self-defense Only, Secret (psi, -5 points), Weirdness Magnet.

[We had 2 weirdness magnets in that game . . . The other one was a werewolf.]

Quirks (-5 points):

Low respect for law; Gets bored easily; Flirts; Hates Accepting "Gifts"/Help ("I can do this myself, dammit!"), Wears a Gypsy-style Head-cloth.



Psi Skills:

Clairaudience-13 (1), Clairvoyance-12 (0.5), Precognition-15, Psychometry-14 (2), Seekersense-12 (0.5), Emotion Sense-14/15 (2), Mind Shield-12 (0.5), Mindwipe-12 (0.5), Psi Sense-12 (0.5), Signature Sniffer-12 (0.5), Sleep-13 (1), Suggest-14 (2), Telereceive-15 (4), Telesend-15 (4).

Normal (?) Skills:

Acrobatics-13 (2), Acting-14 (0.5), Architecture/TL7-10, Bard (**)-13, Bicycling-13, Brawling-14 (1), Climbing-12, Detect Lies-17 (0.5), Diplomacy (*/**)-15/16 (0.5), Disguise-14 (0.5), Driving (Car)-12 (0.5), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL7-15 (1), Escape-14 (0.5), Fast Draw (Knife)-14 (1), Fast Draw (Pistol)-13 (0.5), Fast-Talk (/**)-15/18 (1), First Aid/TL7-15 (0.5), Forgery/TL7-13 (0.5), Gambling-14 (0.5), Guns/TL7-16 (1), Holdout-14 (0.5), Hypnotism-14 (1), Knife-14 (1), Knife Throwing-13 (0.5), Lockpicking/TL7-14 (0.5), Mathematics-13 (0.5), Motorcycle (medium)-13 (0.5), Occultism-15 (1), Pickpocket-12 (1), Psychology-16 (0.5), Research-14 (0.5), Savoir-Faire (*/**)-13/14, Scrounging-15 (0.5), Sex Appeal (*)-10, Shadowing-14 (0.5), Sleight of Hand-13 (2), Stealth-12 (0.5), Streetwise (/**)-14/17 (0.5), Traps/TL7-14 (0.5).

(*Charisma and/or Voice help./**Charisma and Voice help when using it as a reaction roll modifier.)

Weapons & Possessions

Gun: TL7 Glock 19 (9mm), Holdout-0, $450, 2#, 2d+2 crush, SS 10, Acc +3, 1/2D: 150, Max: 1900. RoF 3~, Rcl -1, Malf/Crit, 15+1 shots.
Gun License, $20.
Assorted Knives, $100, 1#.
Clothing (middle-class), $40, 1#.
Leather jacket, PD1, DR1, $50, 4#.
Purse/pouch,large (10#), $20, 1#.
Pouch,small (3#), $10, 0#.
Lockpicks (good quality, +1), $200, 0#.
Coins, $110.
Equipment Totals: $1,000, 9#.



If you're not using psi, maybe she's a mage. Maybe not. Keep Danger Sense and Empathy, but don't use all the psi skills. You'll need the points for Literacy.

Near Future and Space:

About the same as she is now, though she's probably a better shot.

Terry was one of the weird crowd of PCs who were employed by Devlin's Detective Agency - they were the "special ops" group who investigated the really weird stuff, instead of the agency's mundane cases. Terry was a former street-kid, turned con-artist with a sideline of cat-burglery, who thinks this stuff is really kinda entertaining. Where else do you get to read the mind of a witch who's using Mage Sight to look at a real demon? (Fright-check time! "Oh, my. A demon. Ick.") Terry's main claim to fame is doing psychometry on nasty things and failing her HT rolls, so that she passed out a lot. She also pretends she's "not a Weekly World News baby, unlike the rest of you people." Amazingly enough, only her ESPer skills are actually known to most of the other characters. The GM moved away (graduated), and the campaign hasn't continued for a while; a pity, since there was some speculation that she'd be taking up with a werewolf in the future . . . (Not the other Weirdness Magnet one, either.)

I haven't the foggiest idea how she'd be used for an NPC, except maybe to round out a group of PCs. Just figure her as "terminally laid back," yet with a tendency to show up in odd places, investigating odd things, and maybe picking the odd pocket or two if she's bored. One of her other favorite tricks was to use Clairaudience to eavesdrop on people routinely - perhaps she overhears something she thinks the PCs should know, and tried to give them a "gypsy fortuneteller" song and dance to get them pointed in the right direction?

She might make a good problem for PCs with strange problems to cope with, too; Signature Sniffer can make headaches if they don't cover their traces, and she (and the rest of the "occult ops" crew) do get called in for the strange cases . . .

Note that she's got enough physical and psi skills that the Partial Eidetic is really just wasting points - put those into IQ and Psi Powers, and she gets a bit scarier.

Typical Quotes:

"The effects of strong emotion are left in the spiritual pattern of the physical world; even the air will whisper it, if you but listen . . . Okay, okay, quit looking at me like that. We want to find the cleaning lady who found the body. I think she's the pyro who set the fire."

"Lots of tooth-marks on the body, huh? Hey, Lucas, sweetheart - think it's a relative of yours?"

"You want me to find out if the people sacrificing animals in this pentegram were just deluded, or if they really were calling up demons. Devlin, the things I do for you. AGK!" <passes out>

"Not demons, Devlin, ghosts. They're binding the souls of the sacrifices. I have a headache."

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