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Janet Deare

TL 11 brainwiped ex-criminal

Total: 100 points


(-10) ST 9
(60) DX 15
(60) IQ 15
(0) HT 10

Advantages (5 points):


Disadvantages (-40 points):

Amnesia (-5 points), Compulsive Behavior (Obey Laws; -10 points), Pacifism: Self-defense Only, Status -1 (Brainwiped criminal)

[[House Rule - if you know a great deal about your former life, Amnesia is only worth -5 points, though you still have no memory of the details, beyond what you can get out of scrapbooks, diaries, or newspaper clippings.]]

Quirks (-5 points):

Sends holiday cards to geneparents; Won't meet geneparents!; Quiet; Takes risks (like walking the bad side of town at night); Envies spacer-crews, but is convinced she's not made for that life.


New Garavaran-15, Sparrial (alien M/A)-13 (0.5), Thral (M/A alien)-13 (0.5)


*Accounting-12 (0.5), Acrobatics-12 (0.5), Acting-13 (0.5), Administration-14 (1), Architecture/TL11-13 (0.5), *Beam Weapon (sonic)/TL11-16 (0.5), Beam Weapons (laser)/TL11-13, Brawling-14 (0.5), Camouflage-14 (0.5), Climbing-13 (0.5), *Computer Ops./TL11-14 (0.5), Dancing-13 (0.5), Demolition/TL11-13 (0.5), Detect Lies-12 (0.5), Diplomacy-14 (2), Disguise-13 (0.5), Driving (Car)-10, *El. Ops. (Computers)/TL11-13 (0.5), El. Ops. (Security System)/TL11-13 (0.5), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL11-13 (0.5), El. Ops. (Weapons)/TL11-13 (0.5), Engineer (Bombs & Traps)/TL11-12 (0.5), Escape-12 (0.5), Fast Draw (Pistol)-14 (0.5), Fast Draw (force sword)-14 (0.5), Fast-Talk-14 (1), First Aid/TL11-14 (0.5), Force Sword-13 (0.5), Gambling-13 (0.5), Guns (needler)/TL11-16 (0.5), Holdout-13 (0.5), Interrogation-13 (0.5), Intimidation-13 (0.5), Judo-13 (1), Knife-14 (0.5), Law-12 (0.5), Leadership-13 (0.5), Lockpicking/TL11-13 (0.5), Mathematics-12 (0.5), Mechanic (Aircar)/TL11-13 (0.5), Mechanic (Ground-car)/TL11-13 (0.5), Pickpocket-12 (0.5), Piloting (Aircar)/TL11-13 (0.5), Poisons-12 (0.5), *Professional Skill (secretary)-13 (0.5), Professional Skill (Courtesan)-13 (0.5), Savoir-Faire-14 (0.5), Scrounging-14 (0.5), Shadowing-13 (0.5), Sleight of Hand-12 (0.5), Stealth-13 (0.5), Streetwise-13 (0.5), Throwing-12 (0.5), Traps/TL11-13 (0.5).

(*Learned during Rehabilatation)



If psionic or magical brainwipe is available, go for it. Change all skills to appropriate ones for the campaign. However, unless she's been rehabilited by some law-abiding group (a church, for instance), Janet's probably been turned into somebody's personal covert-ops type. Remove Compulsive Behavior (Obey Laws) and Self-Defense Only, and add Fanaticism ([whoever's got her]) and Sense of Duty ([Her master(s)]).


Brainwipe isn't feasible, but perhaps intense psychological counseling managed to calm Janet down. Consider adding Addiction (medical downers), and Combat Paralysis.

Near Future:

If brainwipe and/or personality-altering implants exist, just fix the tech levels. It's also likely that she fell into the hands of a MegaCorp, and is working for them now - same disad-revisions as for Fantasy. Add Computer Hacking.

Janet Deare ("Yeah, that's my real name. Dumb, isn't it?") didn't have a bad childhood, was never traumitized in her teenage years, and didn't come from either a disadvantaged or a filthy-rich background. But she turned to a life of crime anyway. Starting as a courtesan and thief, she quickly became addicted to the thrill of getting away with stuff, and started sidelining as an assassin. With a brain as sharp as her monowire knives, Janet easily rose in the ranks of the Organization, becoming a minor Boss. Unfortunately, during a trip to New Garavar to "handle something personally," she had some bad luck and was arrested, tried, and convicted on three counts of murder, numerous assaults and robberies, and prostitution without a license. However, since New Garavar is a colony world, the government is concerned both that the gene pool remain large, and that humans be conserved whenever possible. The New Garavaran "death" penalty is brainwipe and rehab.

Janet Deare ("Yes, really.") is now merely an attractive woman with an aura of faint bewilderment. Part of her rehabilitation included personality implants (neural devices from Ultra-Tech) that prevent her from initiating violence, and compel her to obey laws (this is not quite Honesty - she doesn't neccessarily return excess change, and if she can find a legal loophole, she can use it, even if it's against the spirit of the law; in a place with no laws, she could probably act against the laws of New Garavar . . . ). The most frustrating thing about her new existance is her inability to break speed limits.

Janet is currently employed by a "Temp. Secretary" sort of business, which sends her to a variety of jobs and keeps her busy (too busy, her psychologists hope, to turn to self-destructive or antisocial activities). She knows, roughly, what sort of things she did before the 'wipe, and understands that her former behavior patterns were wrong. However, she's also learned that she feels most alive when there's a lot of adrenalin in her system - after an encounter with a young mugger wanna-be, she's taken both to training in Judo (a defensive "sport" skill), and to wandering around the "bad side" of town . . . Basically "trolling for muggers," just so she can exercise her "antisocial" skills in a way her psychological implants will permit.

I created Janet mostly as an experiment, to see what sort of a character might be produced, but she could be fairly interesting - she's got a lot of past to come back and haunt her! Most people won't bother with getting revenge on a brainwiped person (it's equivalent to death, legally, though the resulting person is often the direct heir), but I'm sure there's got to be at least one jilted lover who would like to sweep the "new, improved" Janet off her feet, and there could also be people who knew her in her prime who might want to "rescue" her from her life of law and order! As an NPC, she's good for "enigmatic" - a somewhat broken-spirited woman who looks like a perfect victim . . . until someone initiates unpleasantness on her and her conditioning lets her cut loose!

For heavy roleplaying, she might make an fascinating love-interest, torn between her forgotten past and her carefully circumscribed present.

Typical Quotes:

"I don't remember if I ever saw that movie."

"Have we met?"

"Yes, Doctor, I'm keeping busy."

"Officer? What did I do? I wasn't speeding, was I? I can't have been speeding. Maybe I just didn't see the sign? Oh, I see - no, I didn't know the tail-light was flickering. I'll get it fixed right away. Thank you, sir."

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