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Nameless Character #1

Vampire, former healing mage

Total: 100 points (REALLY!)

Five-foot-two, 120#, freckles, green eyes, strawberry blond, buxom.


(-15) ST 18
( 0) DX 10
(20) IQ 12
( 0) HT 15
Thrust 1+2, Swing 3, Speed 6.25, Move 6.

Advantages (130 points):

Vampire (100!), DR 2 (Racial), Night Vision (Racial), Immunity to Disease (Racial), Immunity to Poison (Racial), Immunity to metal weapons (Racial), Unaging (Racial), Literacy, Star Magery +2, Magical Aptitude +1.

[More Mixed Magery - Magery 1 all the time, Magery 2 at night. The Magery 1 during the day is so that her spells won't lapse (like Mystic Mist around the coffin . . . ); that's a House Rule about such Mixed Magery spells: even though the duration is longer than the time the Magery is out of comission, the spell still lapses. She pays 5 points for her Star Magery 2.]

[Also note that I'm using the old GURPS Fantasy values for Vampire - 100 points. The GURPS Bloodtypes cost is 150, and I haven't tried to make one of those yet. It ought to be possible, if I lower some of the stats . . . A description of this kind of vampire can also be found in a Roleplayer article about Cyberpunk vampires.]

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Requires Mana (-1HT per turn w/out) (Racial), Paranoia (Racial), Cannot cross running water by self (Racial), Must be invited inside 1st time (Racial), Direct sunlight = -1 HT/min. DX-4 indoors (Racial), Must sleep in coffin w/home-earth (Racial), -1 HT per day, -2 if not in coffin (above) (Racial), 2 dice damage from 1pnt holy water (Racial), Lecherousness, Overconfidence, Pacifism: Self-defense Only.

Quirks (-5 points):

Triskadekaphobia, Makes "Old [x] don't die . . . " jokes, Still wants to be a healer, [2 more unassigned].




Camouflage-11 (0.5), Carousing-13, Diagnosis/TL3-9 (0.5), First Aid/TL3-12 (1), Physician/TL3-9 (0.5), Sex Appeal-13 (0.5), Singing-11, Stealth-9 (1).


[+1 at night; presume that the Star-Magery limitation on some of her Magery occured because of the vampiric transformation - previously, her skill-levels would have been 12's, and satisfied the pre-req requirements.]

Lend Strength-11 (1), Lend Health-11 (1), Recover Strength-11 (1), Minor Healing-11 (1), Shield-11 (1), Mystic Mist-11 (1).

Vampiric Talents:

Shapeshift (Giant Bat)-15, Steal Health-15, Mammal Control-15, Charm-15, Body of Air (Mist)-15.

Weapons & Possessions

Dagger (Impale 1+1), $20, 0.25#. Coffin, $100, 50#, not carried . . .
Clothing (middle-class), $40, 1#.
Shoes, $30, 1#.
Winter clothing: PD0,DR1, $60, 5#.
Wineskin,small (1 gal.), $10, 0#.
Purse/pouch,large (10#), $20, 0.5#.
First Aid kit (+1 to F.A.), $30, 2#.
Personal basics, $5, 0#.
Coins ($385) & jewelry ($300), $685, 0#.
Equipment Totals: $1,000, 10#.

Conversions (yeah, right . . . ):


Well, if you've got vampires, just upgrade the tech levels of the skills; her magic might stay the same - just explain it as lesser-known abilities of the blood-sucking undead. However, you do get 10 points back when Literacy is no longer an advantage! I'd stick it into IQ.

Near Future:

Well, there's cyberpunk vamps, or there's seriously deluded cyborgs . . . Or there's psi-creations with dependancies . . . Upgrade the skills and decide if the spells are still there (perhaps as psionic or high-tech abilities, if using the cyborg option), and dump any leftover points into IQ (remember, Literacy becomes free) or skills.


Vampires in Space! C'mon, how can you resist? Well, okay, gengineered critters (addiction: blood), deluded anything, and the ever-popular "well, maybe a magical race would make cute aliens" trick. Literacy is no longer an advantage - raise that IQ!

I forget what her name was, but I actually ran her once, in an Illuminati University game as a pre-med student. She started out as one of my many experiments in point-juggling - "Can I build a 100-point character off of a template that, by itself without skills, costs 100 points? Well, I guess that's what disad and quirk points are for." (This is prior to GURPS Bloodtypes, where the minimum cost went up to 150 points. *sigh*)

Her story background, in this or the IOU format, is that she went and partied with the wrong fellow while in the big city. She hasn't killed anyone yet, though - it's real helpful when you can cast a healing spell on the victim afterwards (and she's got the ST to burn doing it!), because even if they remember you having a snack, who's gonna believe them without the fang-marks? Trouble is, how do you explain that you want to go to night-school and you can't take that afternoon test?

As a "good" vampire, she can severely annoy PCs. Read Yamara, published by Steve Jackson Games, previously appearing in TSR's Dragon Magazine; there's a vamp there named "Persephone" ("Percy"), who's in love with a cleric . . . The personality type isn't that far off.

Typical Quotes:

"Hi, there, tall, dark and handsome. Wanna check out some night life?"

"I like the dark - sunlight gives me these really awful freckles. I hate freckles."

"Rumors of a vampire? I don't believe it. I haven't heard of anybody's throat being ripped out for years."

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