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Madame Zerkowski

Fortune Teller

[Created by]
Total: 150 points


(10) ST 11
( 0) DX 10
(45) IQ 14
(10) HT 11

Advantages (129 points):

Telepathy Power 3 (Includes Empathy), ESP Power 10 (Inludes Danger Sense), Telekinesis Power 5, Illuminate Power 2, *Dampen Power 5, *Surge Power 5 [*takes 4 seconds (-20%)], (30) Lightning 0 (5), Absoption (Electrical) Power 5 (Only to Lightning (-20%)).

Disadvantages (-65 points):

Bad Sight (Nearsighted), Overweight, Sense of Duty (to circus, -5 points), Pacifism: Self-defense Only, Fear of Heights (mild), Major Delusion (her powers are really spirit "assistants"), Struggling.

Quirks (-5 points):



Acting-13, Detect Lies-16 (1), Diplomacy-13 (2), Occultism-13 (1), Performance-15 (4), Psychology-15 (1), Streetwise-12 (0.5), Ventriloquism-12 (1), Clairvoyance-13 (2), Precognition-12 (1), Psychometry-11 (0.5), Telekinesis-12 (1), Dampen (M/Super)-13 (4), Illuminate (M/Super)-13 (4), Lightning (P/Super)-8 (2), Surge (M/Super)-11 (1).

"You're one of the best fortune-tellers in the business, because, unlike most of the others, you have a real connection to the spirit world. Your immaterial friends tell you things, do things for you, and even show you the future sometimes. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be able to do this very far away from you, their contact with this world. Others may scoff, and claim you're merely another metahuman, but you know better."

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