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Sadi Hawkins

TL11 "Rock-rat" (Prospector/Miner)

Total: 50 points

Brown-red hair, hacked short, brown eyes. Usually a little grubby. Looks about 70, but might be as young as mid to late 40's.


(0) ST 10
(20) DX 12
(20) IQ 12
(0) HT 10
Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d, Speed 5.5, Move 5.

Advantages (0 points):


Disadvantages (-40 points):

Bad Temper, Lecherousness, Struggling Wealth, Unattractive.

Quirks (-5 points):



Area Knowledge (Sector)-13 (2), Astrogation-13 (4), Beam Weapons (laser)/TL11-15 (2), Brawling-14 (4), Computer Operation/TL11-12 (1), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL11-14 (6), Fast Draw (Pistol)-12 (1), Fast-Talk-12 (2), Free Fall/TL11-12 (2), Guns (tangler)/TL11-14 (1), Mechanic (Starship)/TL11-13 (4), Metallurgy/TL11-13 (6), Piloting (Large Spacecraft)/TL11-13 (4), Planetology (Rock/Ice)/TL11-13 (4), Prospecting-14 (6), Scrounging-12 (1), Streetwise-12 (2), Vacc Suit/TL11-12 (2).


New Garavaran-12, Thral (M/A, common alien race)-10 (0.5), Kestralian (M/A, fairly common alien race)-10 (0.5)



Sadi gets a pack mule and a skill-change to include things like Survival (<area>), Geology, and other suitable skills for the typical "crusty old hermit" personality. Alter other skills to their nearest equivalents.


Some similar modifications, though I don't know if prospectors are still around in the 1990's.

Near Future

Sadi works for a corporation; she's alone a lot of the time, but at least she's probably got a steady (if small) income. She's probably after things like naturally radioactive stuff, oil, etc.

Sadi is typical of prospectors who seek out resources (usually hunting for rare minerals) in the astroid belts of the sector, and does a bit of mining as well where it's not profitable for one of the big companies to buy her claim. She probably owns or rents a battered ship, which costs almost more than she makes. Life as a rock-rat is pretty strenuous, and devoid of company (even more than most spacers' jobs), so Sadi likes to work off tensions when she's on-station. There are basically two ways to do that: bar-fights, and picking up some equally-desperate rock-rat of the appropriate gender. It ain't the best life, or the most civilized, but it's tolerable, and maybe someday she'll strike a big one and make enough to get a real ship . . .

Typical Quotes:

"Jordan's Station, this is ship number 5702-VTQ requesting a berth so I can off-load the haul. Get the bar opened up for me, too . . . "

"Saw it in a dream, somewhere out this way, this big asteroid that was reading so sweet . . . I'll find it, and it'll make my fortune."

"Take that back, vachead! YOU were in the wrong flight lane, not me!"

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