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Alexandra Hekatos

Aspiring Priestess of Eris

[Created by]
(100 points)

Description: 5'11" tall, weights 134 lbs., long blonde hair, green eyes, tan complexion, 18 years old.


ST 10 (0)
DX 11 (10)
IQ 14 (45)
HT 11 (10)

Advantages (54 points):

Clerical Investment (5); Power Investiture +1 (p. Re94, 10); Beautiful (15); Voice (10); Strong Will +1 (4); Comfortable Wealth (10).

Disadvantages (-50 points):

Academic Status -2: Froshthing (-10); Lives in Dorms (-5); Code of Honor: Discordian (Question Authority, Freak the Mundanes, Hail Eris; -10); Lecherousness (-15); Stubbornness (-5); Enemy: Terrifyingly Mundane family, 6 or less (-5).

Quirks (-5 points):

Humiliated by being called "Melissa Gardner"; Admires the ArchDean; Attracted to tall men; Recites Robert Anton Wilson from memory, regardless of appropriateness of situation; Plans to throw Western Civilization into chaos, but is content to start small . . . say, a sorority.


Acting-14 (2); Carousing-10 (1); Chemistry (Recreational Pharmaceuticals)-12 (11/17) (1); Computer Operation/TL7-13 (0.5); Cooking-13 (0.5); Diplomacy-14 (16) (4); Driving: Car-9 (0.5); Fast-Talk-16 (6); Guns/TL7-13 (0.5); Literature (Robert Anton Wilson)-12 (11/17) (1); Savoir-Faire-15 (2); Sex Appeal-11 (17) (2); Singing-11 (13) (1); Theology (Discordian)-13 (12/18) (2).


Bravery-13 (1); Daze-13 (1); Emotion Control-13 (1); Fear-13 (1); Foolishness-13 (1); Forgetfulness-13 (1); Lure-13 (1); Persuasion-13 (1);Presence-13 (1); Sense Emotion-13 (1); Sense Foes-13 (1).



As above; Alexandra does her best to steal every scene she's in, and casts spells openly.


As above; Alexandra uses a little more subtlety, and may actually leave a party before the chaos she's created begins.

Darkly Illuminated:

Replace Code of Honor and Stubbornness with Fanaticism: Discordianism; Clerical Investment and Power Investiture with Magical Aptitude; the quirk "Humiliated by..." with "Enraged by..."; and her Enemy with a group of disgruntled former comrades-in-arms.

Melissa Gardner was a child of the suburbs, with all of their oppressive normality. Yet, somehow, among the slumber parties and the home-ec classes, Melissa found Eris, the Goddess of Discord. Or, rather, Eris found her. The first thing Eris told her was, "Melissa, you're not going to Vassar." Then Eris taught her a few tricks. Now, "Alexandra Hekatos" (the name sounded more exotic) is a double-major in Theology and Applied Anarchy at IOU. If only she could keep her family from showing up long enough to get any serious damage done!

Role Models:

Mata Hari, Eris, the ArchDean.

Typical dialogue:

"As the good book tells us, 'Never whistle while you're pissing.' No, another good book. I'll tell you after you've had another glass of punch. No, it's supposed to taste like that. Really!"

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