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Zogi 276BG

Bioengineered "Cyber Orc"

Total: 100 points
Created by: David Hadar <>

His skin has a greenish tone to it. There are scars all over his face. His hair is black and his eyes are red.


12 ST
14 DX
9 IQ
12 HT


WBM- Orc "Cyber Orc" (25 points) [may be factored in separately --arcangel]
Extra Hit Points +2 (10 points), Military Rank (+2) (10 points), Sharp teeth (racial; 5 points), Weapon- Weapon Link (15 points)


Appearance: Ugly (racial, -10 points), Bully (-10 points), Illiteracy (-10 points), Low Empathy (racial, -15 points)

Quirks (-4 points):

Collects guns; Delusion (That people care about what happens to orcs); Likes the axe; Proud of being a commander


Level  Points
 7       0.5    Administration
 8       1.0    Armoury TL8
12       0.5    Axe/Mace (Hobby)
15       2.0    Brawling
 9       0.0    Driving (ACV)
 9       0.0    Driving (ATV/Crawlers)
12       0.5    Driving (Automobile)
 9       0.0    Driving (Halftrack)
10       0.0    Driving (Heavy Wheeled)
12       0.5    Driving (tank)
14       1.0    Fast-Draw (Pistol)
13       0.5    Fast-Draw (Power Cell)
14       1.0    Fast-Draw (Rifle)
 9       1.0    Gesture
14       1.0    Guns (Grenade Launcher)
14       1.0    Guns (Gyroc)
14       1.0    Guns (Light Automatic)
14       1.0    Guns (Needler)
14       1.0    Guns (Pistol)
16       4.0    Guns (Rifle)
14       1.0    Guns (Tangler)
12       3.5    Intimidation
11       0.5    Judo
 8       0.5    Language (English)
12       3.0    Language (orc battle Language)
 7       3.5    Leadership
 8       0.5    Savoir-Faire (military)
12       0.5    Stealth
 8       1.0    Survival 
 8       2.0    Tactics
12       0.5    Two-Handed Axe/Mace (Hobby)


Attributes: 75 points
Advantages: 40 points [maybe not including racial cost --arcangel]
Disadvantages: -45 points
Quirks: -4 points
Skills: 34 points
Total: 100 points


He is no. 276 in generation BG. His name means "Made," in the orc battle Language. He has fought in many bat battles and is very proud of that. Recently he was promoted to a unit commander (sorry I'm not very good at military terms). For a orc, he is a very good commander. He is faithful to his human commanders for now. But if the orcs decide to rebel (and they will) he will be on the orc side. He would not know what to do if he didn't have the military.

He can be a PC in a military campaign. Or he might get out of the military and into a gang (he should get to be the leader in no time). If the PC's are "Human" rights activist he could be a showcase of a happy orc. In time he should get on in the army, give him more levels at Social skills and more military rank.

"ZEKO BOK LE DOZE" it means "Your on my foot"
"ROZ-DIK LAPI LE DOZE" it means "That-idiot shot my foot"
"DIS SOB LAPI-GOO" it means "Kill them with fire"
"DAZ BE GOZ" it means "Die in war" (same as hallo)

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