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Jarok "Gold Fingers" Sabdoul

Near Future Boxer

Total: 100 points
[Created by : David Hadar <>]

Jarok is a 16 year old black man. He has shaved hair and brown eyes. He has a tattoo of a guitar on his left arm.


13 ST
14 DX
9 IQ
13 HT


Extra Fatigue +1 (3 points); Extra Hit Points +1 (5 points); High Pain Threshold (10 points); Toughness (10 points)


Addiction: DX Adders), Costs: $21 to $100 (-10 points); Bad Temper (-10 points); Code of Honor: Boxer (obey the rules in the ring, no cyberwear; -5 points); Dependent (family), Frequency: Fairly often (9 or less) (*1), Importance: Loved One (*2), Points: 26 to 50 (-6) (-12 points); Social Stigma: Minority (-5 points)

Quirks (-3 points):

Plays the guitar badly; Thinks He's Lucky; Wants to get out of boxing


Level  Points
13     2.0    Acrobatics
16     8.0    Boxing
16     4.0    Brawling
 8     0.5    First Aid
10     0.0    Guns (Pistol)
11     5.0    Intimidation
11     0.5    Judo
11     0.5    Karate
 7     0.5    Mechanic (car)
 7     1.0    Musical Instrument (guitar)
10     0.0    Sex Appeal


Attributes: 95 points
Advantages: 28 points
Disadvantages: -42 points
Quirks: -3 points
Skills: 22 points
Total: 100 points



A gladiator, change Mechanic to teammaster or blacksmith and change guitar to harp. Add some net or sword skill instead of boxing, And bow instead of guns. Maybe magic is Addictive or some herb adds DX. [If you use an alchemical potion, divide the cost by the number of days he can go without it, to get the cost of the addiction. --arcangel] If you want to keep the Social Stigma he can have a ox head. [Minotaurs are in GURPS Fantasy Folk - arcangel]


This is the easiest - just change the Adders to steroids, and everything is pretty much the same.


Hopefully by then there would be no poverty or other bad things like that - but if there is, there will still be illegal and bad things. Jarok would be as depicted, though the Addiction (DX Adders) might be worth less points (probably cheaper, less dangerous, possibly-legal).


He was born in Harlim (which is worse in 2030 than in 1997) to a poor home. His 'old man' died when Jarok was 5 and his mother took care of him and his2 younger sisters by herself. When he was 14 he quit school and went to work at a garage. He wasn't any good at it and was fired after a month. He got a job as a guard at a night club. One night when a boxing agent was there, Jarok kicked someone out with great skill. The agent talked him into becoming a boxer and promised him that he was going to be rich. Because Jarok needed the money to take care of his family, he took the job.

He got good at it. He works in a illegal boxing ring. He might be killed any night but he believes that what he's doing is best for his family. He dreams of being a guitar player when he gets enough money to quit. The agent gave him some Adders without him knowing what they were. He has a girlfriend but has no plans for a real future with her.

Typical Quotes:

"What's your problem?"
"I'm not dem other brothers, I got dreams."
"I don't need school, I got boxing and my guitar."
"Yep, car fixing was boring so I quit."

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