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Jeanette Wilson

TL15 Grad student & sensor operator

Total: 65 points

Age 19, five-foot-five, brown hair, hazel eyes, smiles enough that she's remembered as friendly and slightly attractive.


(0) ST 10
(10) DX 11
(45) IQ 14
(10) HT 11
Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d, Speed 5.5, Move 5

Advantages (10 points):

Alertness +1; Collected (+3 to Fright Checks)

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Pacifism: Cannot Kill; Combat Paralysis; Struggling Wealth

Quirks (-5 points):

Minor Workaholic; Enjoys walking & biking for exercise; Eats spacer-style ration bars while busy; Likes teasing introverts (she used to be one); 40% het, 60% not.

Skills                      Type Pts Level
Archaeology                      M/H   4    14
Area Knowledge (Campus)          M/E   1    14
Area Knowledge (New Garavar)     M/E  0.5   13
Area Knowledge (sector 000)      M/E  0.5   13
Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL15        P/E  0.5   12
Bicycling                        P/E  0.5   10
Carousing                        P/A   4    12
Computer Operation/TL15          M/E  0.5   13
Cooking                          M/E        10
Detect Lies                      M/H  0.5   11
El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL15          M/A   6    16
El. Ops. (Computers)/TL15        M/A         9
El. Ops. (Computers)/TL7         M/A  0.5   12
Fast-Talk                        M/A  0.5   12
First Aid/TL15                   M/E  0.5   13
Mathematics                      M/H   1    12
Musical Instr. (flute)           M/H   2    13
Photography/TL15                 M/A  0.5   12
Piloting (Contragrav Belt)/TL15  P/A   1    10
Poetry                           M/A         9
Research                         M/A   1    13
Scrounging                       M/E   1    14
Sex Appeal                       M/A   4    12
Survival (Urban)                 M/A  0.5   12
Writing                          M/A  0.5   12
Xenology                         M/H   2    13


New Garavaran                    M/A        14 
Sparrial                         M/A   1    13 
Trade Kintaran                   M/A  0.5   12 
Irari                            M/A  0.5   12 
Attributes: 65 points
Advantages: 10 points
Disadvantages: -40 points
Quirks: -5 points
Languages: 2 points
Skills: 33 points
Total: 65 points



Jeanette will probably either become a mage with Knowledge spells, or simply put some more points into Alertness - she's very good at finding things. Change Beam Weapons to something like Knife - if she's going around digging things up, she'll need some form of self-defense. Alter TLs and skills to their best equivalents.


Jeanette is the person you want doing the seismic-locations on stuff (no kidding, they really do this at TL7!), and a certain amount of lab-work figuring out how old things are. Alter TLs of things to fit.

Near Future:

Probably just alter the TLs of various skills, or shift to Modern conversions.

Cheerful and outgoing, Jeanette Wilson is the main sensor expert in the Archaeology Department at her university. She'd prefer to have the most up-to-date equipment (some companies, like Byte and Artemis Enterprises, are producing early TL16 sensor gear!), but she's stuck with older stuff - late TL14 and early TL15. She's not too bad with it, though, and can even keep it in some degree of repair (though she's more likely to compensate than to repair . . . It's hard to find parts). She's also decent at getting low-tech computers to function again!

Non-academically, she's fond of socializing and parties (she says that she used to be an introvert, but started dating a psych-student and got outgoing in self-defense), and is a very slight adrenalin-junkie - she'll try nearly anything once, like bungee-jumping, hang-gliding, or catching the eye of some "Bad Girl." However, Jeanette doesn't take any mind-altering drugs worse than alcohol, and doesn't over-indulge much with that stuff, either.

Jeanette is currently one of the grad students studying under Steve Heinrich. She's got a news-search running on his name, and collects articles that feature him - and often the ladies that the media thinks he's stepping out with . . . (This is the closest that she ever figures she's going to get to fame, and it's fun to read about and watch the pretty people being pretty.) Despite this, she doesn't really have a crush on her teacher (anymore) - but if any of his intimate friends show up, she'll try to find an excuse to ask if their intentions towards "the Proff" are honorable; she seems to have adopted him as a younger nephew, somehow, where his love-life is concerned.

Her Poetry default comes from her Kintaran langauge course - the teacher there has the class composing "unique" poetry in Trade Kintaran . . .

If TL15 isn't your idea of Space, just scale down accordingly. Piloting (contragrav belt) will probably turn into Piloting (Aircar) or some such.

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