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Jerry "Splash" Mathias

Matter-surfing Super

Total: 500 points

Attributes (130 CP):

ST: 12 (20), DX: 15 (60), IQ: 12 (20), HT: 13 (30)

Advantages (50 CP):

Handsome (15), Luck (15), Night Vision (10), Reputation +1 (5), Absolute Direction (5)

Super-Advantages (372 CP):

Insubstantiality (Light Encumbrance) (96), Matter Surfing (Any Height +33%, SE: Surfs on anything present, Only While Insubstantial -10%) (37), Super-Flight x3 (Only While Insubstantial -10%, NE: 3 levels on/in solids, 2 levels over/through liquids, 1 level in air and no Super Flight in vacuum -10%) (48), Chameleon 2 (Only While Insubstantial -10%, Always On -5 pts) (8), Penetrating Vision x6 (Only While Insubstantial -10%) (54), Sensitive Touch (Only While Insubstantial -10%) (9), Fireball Power 6 (Only While Insubstantial -10%, Instantaneous +20%, Only 1/2 DR counts +80%, Fatigue Only Option +20%, Affects Substantial +40%, Touch Only -20%) (83), Silence 1 (Only While Insubstantial -10%) (5), Vacuum Support (Only While Insubstantial -10%, NE: Only 45 minutes internal air supply -10%) (32)

Disadvantages (-100 CP):

Indecisive (-10), Low Self-Image (-10), Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents (-10), Sense of Duty: Humanity (-15), Bad Temper (-10), Code of Honor: Gangsta's (-5), Struggling Wealth (-10), Low Pain Threshold (-10), Alcoholism (-15), Post- Combat Shakes (-5)

Quirks (-5 CP)


Skills (53 CP):

Acrobatics 1-12, Judo 1-12, Running 1-10, Skiing 1-12, Throwing 1-12 (5), Climbing 1-13, Driving: Van 1-13, Skateboard 1-13, Sport: Jai Alai 1-13, Surfing 8-16, Riding: Horse 1-13 (13), Sport: Frisbee 1-15, Swimming 1-15, Brawling 2-16 (4), Read/Write: English 0-11, English 0-12
Read/Write: Spanish 1-10 (1), Bard 1-11, Carousing 1-12, Mind Block 2-12, Scuba 1-11, Mechanic: Gasoline Engine 2-12, Professional Skill: Landscaping 4-13, Spanish 1-11 (12), Area Knowledge: LA 1-12, First Aid 4-14, Gardening 1-12 (6)


Fireball 12-16 (12)

Son of a wealthy Californian businessman and his immigrant Mexican groundskeeper, Jerry is consumed by feelings of inadequacy and feels that he didn't try hard enough to go to college, keep the Beach Patrol going or make his father proud before his death. He now runs a small landscaping business in Beverly Hills and surfs a lot.

His powers manifested in his teen years while he was surfing straight into a rocky cliff. He panicked and lost consciousness for a few seconds and when he came to he and his board were underground and he could dimly see that he was headed forward through the rock of the cliff. He then erupted forth from the soil at the top of the cliff into the air and slowed drastically, but continued surfing into the air! After finally landing he noticed that he had badly mangled the ground near where he had emerged, it looked like cooling lava he had seen on a surf trip to Hawaii.

He practiced and eventually learned that he could turn intangible and surf through matter. Keri told him that he was probably robbing substances he passed through of interatomic energies and using them to propel himself, explaining why he moved quickly in contact with solid matter, less quickly in contact with fluids and slower still when only in contact with air. He later found that he could travel out of the atmosphere into space, but could only travel very slowly there and couldn't stay for long.

Things he passed through could be aggressively heated up, causing unconsciousness or fiery harm to living things and fire damage to most other matter. He still visits his mother in the big house from time to time and she is quite proud of him, but he seeks more than anything the approval of his dead father. His somber attitude still doesn't stop him from putting on a good show and he has a reputation for flirtatious and daring behavior. While he can surf though any number of obstacles he can only "splash" one thing per turn.

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