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Sea Lion

Morphic Sea-lion Super

Total: 500 points

Attributes (275 CP):

ST: 50 (185), DX: 15 (60), IQ: 10 (0), HT: 13 (30)

Advantages (35 CP):

Combat Reflexes (15), High Pain Threshold (10), Acute Hearing +5 (10)

Super-Advantages (270 CP):

Increased Speed +5 (125), Damage Resistance: 8 (24), Claws: +2 (Cutting +30%) (20), Amphibious (10), Speak w/ Animals (Only Sea Mammals -30%) (12), Gills (10), Super-Swimming 1 (10), Sonar Vision (25), Extra Hit Points +3 (15), Hard to Kill 1 (5), Control Fish Power 20 (Only Sea Mammals -30%) (14)

Disadvantages (-100 CP):

Unattractive (-5), Intolerance: Humanity! (-10), Dead Broke (-25), Bad Sight (-10), Color Blindness (-10), Berserk (-15), Impulsiveness (-10), Truthfulness (-5), Mild Acrophobia (-10)

Quirks (-5 CP)


Skills and Superskills:

Control Fish 8-10, Acrobatics 1-13, Judo 4-15, Boxing 4-16, Wrestling 1-14, Climbing 1-14, Stealth 1-14, Swimming 0-15, Jumping 0-15, Singing 1-13, Language: Sea Lion 0-10, Sonar Imaging 2-10, English 2-10 (25 CP)

Sea Lion was among the first to split with the Beach Patrol after a Geraldo interview during which he admitted to thinking of himself as a mutated Sea Lion and not a mutated Human, followed by his poorly phrased admission that he had sired several pups amongst his own species and that he found Human females unnattractive. He was actually born to a Sea Lion female and raised as a Sea Lion, not until maturity mutating into his current 1/2 Human / 1/2 Sea Lion form. Unbeknownst to him, his father was actually a metahuman Mimic, who had stolen the Morph power from a local hero and had casually mated with a female Sea Lion while in Sea Lion form. His own pups appear to be normal and show no metabilities or unnatural intelligence. For his part, the opinions of humans are not particularly interesting to him, although he does consider meta-humans to be his peers. Sea Mammals includes Cetaceans (Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises), Sea Otters and Pinnipeds (Seals, Walruses, Sea Lions), mainly. He intends to train in increasing his Fish Control Power and skill, ST and gaining Pressure Support and Temp Tolerance: Cold.

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