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Almost-right Owen

Mage from Low Mana Country

[Created by, using 2nd ed rules]
Total: 100 points


(-10) ST 9
( 20) DX 12
( 60) IQ 15
(-15) HT 8
Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d-1, Speed 5, Move 5

Advantages (65 points):

Magical Aptitude 2, Eidetic Memory (1, 30 points), Literacy

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Duty (employer, -5 points), Bad Sight (-25), Cowardice.

Quirks (-5 points):



Riding: Horse-7, Alchemy/TL3-13 (1), Botany/TL3-12 (0.25), Fast-Talk-14 (0.5), First Aid/TL3-14 (0.25), Knife-9 (0.5), Naturalist-13 (0.5), Research-14 (0.5), Staff-9 (1), Stealth-7, Ventriloquism-13 (0.5), Acting-10

[This is before 1/4 points were officially denied, even to Eidetics. If you want to make him 100.5 points, just upgrade to Botany-13 (0.5) and First Aid-15 (0.5).]


Spell (points)      Time to cast   Duration   Cost to Maintain
Sense Foes-16 (1)      1 sec.       Inst.
Sense Emotion-16 (1)   1 sec.       Inst.
Truthsayer-16 (1)      1 sec.       Inst.
Mind-Reading-18 (4)    10 sec.      1 min.         2
Light-16 (1)           1 sec.       1 min.         1
Continual Light-16 (1) 1 sec.      2d days
Flash-16 (1)           2 sec.       Inst.
Detect Magic-16 (1)    5 sec.       Inst.
Aura-18 (4)            1 sec.       Inst.          0
Purify Air-16 (1)      1 sec.       Inst.
Create Air-16 (1)      1 sec.       5 sec.
Shape Air-16 (1)       1 sec.       1 min.
Walk on Air-16 (1)     1 sec.       1 min.         2
Destroy Air-16 (1)     1 sec.       Perm.



Literacy is now free. If magic is not available, Owen might be a psi (probably with Fickle or Unreliable limitations on his powers), though his Powers are likely to include ESP, Telepathy, Photokinesis, maybe Healing, and Telekinesis! The other possibility is that he might be a stage magician, with a hobby in botanicals. Add things like Professional Skill (stage magician) and Appearance, Charisma, or Voice. It's harder to justify putting him into somebody's pay for more than a birthday party, though. Maybe a psi skill or two would help there . . . (Giving him Unluckiness would be a good way to justify his nickname in any conversion where low mana or fickle psi doesn't work out.)

Near Future:

Owen might augment his stage magic with some modest cyberware. Literacy is now free; consider adding Appearance, Charisma or Voice.


Owen probably tours various out-of-the way stations and planets, entertaining those who are starved for any kind of entertainment at all. Literacy is free, so go for Voice, Attractive or some Charisma.

Owen is a mage (originally from the GURPS Fantasy country of Caithness) who is noted for getting his spells almost right . . . (Low mana puts his spells at -5 - so most of his spells are cast at an effective 11! Owch!) He'll work for people who want an ecclectic Air mage with a smattering of investigative spells. His only "offensive" spell is Flash, so it's understandable that his contributions to fights tend to involve running away . . . (Or runningup, if he casts Walk on Air . . . )

From the convention-game he was designed for . . .

"You are mage [Magical Aptitude 2], but not a very good one. In fact, there are very few good mages in low-mana Caithness. Things are different in Megalos, however, since the mana level there is normal. There you won't just get your spells "almost-right" (God, how you hate that nickname). You've always wanted to go there to prove that you really can do magic, and, besides, this mission doesn't sound very dangerous. You don't like danger, in fact, you can't stand the thought of getting hurt or killed, and will do anything to avoid it [Cowardice disadvantage]. Anyway, you owe it to Lord Tyndall [Duty disadvantage], since you work for him as his mage and alchemist [Alchemy/TL3 skill]. Lord Tyndall said he needed an alchemist for this expedition, since the others wouldn't be able to make heads nor tails out of what another alchemist is doing.

"Besides your magical and alchemical abilities, you can read and write [Literacy advantage], but you overdo it, and you have become nearsighted [Bad Sight disadvantage]. This hurts your ability with weapons [already figured in on the character sheet], but then, you don't want to fight anyone, anyway. You also have a very good memory [Eidetic Memory - not fully photographic, however, that's a 60-point advantage], which lets you learn faster than other people, and also lets you exactly remember things you've seen and heard fairly easily [on an IQ roll]. In the course of your alchemy and magic work, you have picked up some specialized knowledge of plants [Botany skill], and of natural things in general [Naturalist skill], and you are also skilled in digging things out of old books and scrolls [Research skill].

"In order to distract people from your frequent spell failures, you have picked up a line of patter [Fast-Talk skill], and have learned to throw your voice (well, most people think that's magic!) [Ventriloquism skill]. In order to be able to take care of yourself in case you should get hurt somehow (heaven forbid!), you've learned First Aid/TL3 (can heal 1d-3 damage from one fight), and have a first aid kit with you at all times. Finally, in case you absolutely have to fight someone or something, you have a couple (feeble) weapon skills:Knife and Staff (quarterstaff, also useful as a walking stick, and what's a wizard without a staff, anyway?). Generally, you can't hit the broad side of a barn with either one, assuming you could see the barn. [There are three skills listed on the character sheet which you have not studied, but may come up during the game, the listed skill level is the default for each: Riding (Horse), Stealth (sneaking around quietly), and Acting (pretending emotions and lying convincingly).]

"Besides your skills, you have a number of spells: Sense Foes (detects the presence of enemies in a small area nearby, or tells you if a single person is an enemy), Sense Emotion (tells you the general emotions the subject is feeling at the moment), Truthsayer (tells you if subject has lied in the last 5 minutes, or whether the last thing he said was a lie), Mind-Reading (you can read the surface thoughts of the subject), Light (produces light equal to a candle flame, movable with concentration), Continual Light (actually only good for a few days, with a brightness depending on how much energy you put in), Flash (like a flash-bulb, will temporarily blind anyone viewing it), Detect Magic (just what it says, but you can also do something like this just because you are a wizard - whenever you see an object, you have a good chance to detect any magical aura - the spell will also often give more information, and will detect non-permanent spells), Aura (tells you much about a person - personality, whether he's a wizard, and if he controlled, possessed, or in a violent emotional state), Purify Air (make tainted or unwholesome air breathable), Create Air (where there was none, or produces a slight breeze; can't be used directly on a living target), Shape Air (can produce various wind effects up to hurricane force, depending on energy in spell), Walk on Air (as though it's solid, you can climb up and down "stairs" as well), Destroy Air (removes air from target area, producing a thunderclap & doing 1d-2 damage to those failing HT rolls)."

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