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Calthnum of Terbrec

Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage

Total: 75 points
[Created by Ian Turner.]

Attributes (40 CP):

ST: 10 (0)
DX: 12 (20)
IQ: 12 (20)
HT: 10 (0)

Advantages (25 CP):

Magical Aptitude level 2 (25), Familiar (0)

Disadvantages (-40 CP):

Temp. Struggling Wealth (-5), Duty (*) (-10), Sense of Duty (Mages Academy) (-5), Sense of Duty (Kingdom) (-10), Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents (-10) (-40 CP)

Quirks (-5 CP):

Minor Noble's 7th Son (that and a copper will get him a poor meal) (-1), Just Wanted to be some Minor Lords Page, not a Sorcerer . . . (-1), Has a Long-Distance love that he is trying to convince to Run away to him so that they may Elope (-1), Researches old historical texts to find out exactly what Terbrec means as his Family has forgotten! (-1) and Wants to have Lots of Children (-1)

Skills (25 CP):

Staff (from Spear) 0-12
Spear 8-14
Shield 1-12, Magic Jet 1-12, Spell Throwing: Winged Knife 1-12
Alchemy 1-9, Rune-Lore 1-9
Read/Write: Anglish 1-10, Read/Write: Elvish 1-10, History: Magic 1-10, Naturalist 1-10, Tactics 1-10, Detect Lies 4-12
Elvish 1-11, Anglish 0-12, Research 1-11
Savoir-Faire 1-12

Spells (30 CP):

Itch 1-12, Spasm 1-12, Pain 1-12, Paralyze Limb 1-12, Wither Limb 1-12, Deathtouch 6-15, Resist Pain 1-12, Clumsiness 1-12 (Body Control Improv skill: 8)
Iron Arm 1-12 (Imp 1)
Ignite Fire 1-12, Create Fire 1-12, Shape Fire 1-12, Flame Jet 1-12 (Imp 4)
Lend Strength 1-12, Lend Health 1-12, Recover Strength 1-12, Minor Healing 6-15 (Imp 4)
Apportation 1-12, Poltergeist 1-12, Winged Knife 1-12 (Imp 3)

Calthnum's Familiar (Thunder, a living ball-lightning)

Living Lightning Familiar: ST: 1/10, DX: 14, IQ: 7, HT: 10, SPD/Dodge: 1780! / 7, PD: 0, DR: 0, Dam: *, Reach: C, Size: <1, Wt: 0 lbs. Thunder is a living ball of Lightning, inflicting only 1 hit damage at a touch (with the effects of a Pain spell, unless a HT roll is made) and moving at unheard of speeds. It has Combat Reflexes, Field Sense and Alertness +5, skill in Flight, Spell Throwing: Lightning Bolt and Weather Sense at 14. It also can turn itself into a 1d Lightning Bolt (costs 1 Fatigue) and hurl itself at a foe (it takes only one turn to form and throw itself) OR it can also choose to envelop a weapon, making it function as an Electric Weapon, which costs Thunder nothing, as it is its preferred means of rest!

Finally got around to adding Familiars and Disads to the 25 "Generic Mages" our PC's hired in a fairly long-running GURPS campaign. All are 75 CP and any could be used alone. They were made before Grimoire, so none of them have any spells from it. I will probably make a few based on Grimoire spells later.

* All have a -10 CP Duty (Whitehood Castle, 12 or less).

All are 75 CP characters.

As an army contingent, they are outfitted with Heavy Leather Armor of +1 PD, +2 DR and 25% Lighten, 1 Chiron unguent, a Ring of Bless 1 and a Fine Staff with a Spearhead and Staff spell. The exceptions are Wild Jasmine, who has enchanted Dog-Barding and non-magical Heavy Leather and a large necklace of Bless 1 and Carlsen the Wraith, who has upper class clothes of +1 PD and +2 DR and who has a 25% Lighten on his Staff in lieu of a spearhead.

All Familiars have IQ: 7 (5), Rider Within (5), Telepathy (5) & Mage Suffers Wounds (-15) for a net cost of 0 CP. The exceptions are Balthazar's Owl, Asura's Kekeko, Breas' Serpent, Wild Jasmine's Changeling and Darmon's Faerie, all of which have IQ: 7 (5), Speech (10) & Mage Suffers Wounds (-15) for a net cost of 0 CP.

The last 10 Mages are from a Mages Academy and are "on practicum," having spent 1/2 of their starting wealth on their training & are the best of the best. The others were recruited in various other venues, but are working well with the students. Notable friends include; Akron & Calthnum, Carlsen & Emmorath, Shivaak & Y'ghrul-Neh and Mymerah & Samilthea. Asura has become rather tight with the contingent of 10 Healing Mages that are separately retained elsewhere in the castle. Mokharitos & Norskaal spend too much time around the Sworn Executioner, who is "known" by all to be a sadistic Necromancer. Chorozon & Carlsen are secretly brothers. Their overseer is the doddering old duck, Seron, a partially senile, half-blind, mostly deaf and overwhelmingly powerful sorcerer who rose from humble beginnings (knowing only Earth Magics and a few Healing spells to clear mastery of a dozen colleges!) to become the Court Wizard to Castle Whitehood. Anyone who says "Whitebread Castle" in front of its Lord, Sir Senistar, will probably get an unforgettable private meeting with the aforementioned Executioner . . .

--Ian Turner.

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