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Illyana of Yibyorak

Yrth Ifrit (!!)

Total: 100 points

5'1", 110#, 19 years (Looks 12), Red hair, often dyed. Amber eyes.


(-15) ST 10
(-10) DX 11
(45) IQ 16
(-10) HT 11
Thrust 1-2, Swing 1, Speed 6.5, Move 6, Flying 12. [How'd she get Move 6? Racial? Must be.]

Advantages (120 points):

Ifrit (95 points!), Extended Lifespan (Racial), Night Vision (Racial), Winged Flight: small wings (Racial), Magical Aptitude +1 (Racial), Star Magery +3, Literacy, Attractive.

[Yet another instance of Mixed Magery; Always Magery 1, Magery 3 at night, pays 10 points for the Star Magery.]

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Lecherousness (Racial): Overconfidence (Racial): Reputation -3 (Racial): Bad Temper (Racial), Pacifism: Self-defense Only, Bloodlust, Enemy (medium group of necromancers, very rarely, -10 points), Stubbornness. [And Starts Poor for no points.]

Quirks (-5 points):

Sense of Duty: current lover (whoever he happens to be), Pyro, Itty-Bitty Vow: avenge family (she's got decades) [2 more, never decided on].




Acting-14 (0.5), Agronomy/TL3-11, Area Knowledge (<area>)-12, Cooking-12, Crossbow-7, Detect Lies-10, Disguise-14 (0.5), Fast-Talk-11, First Aid/TL3-11, Fishing-12, Gambling-14 (0.5), Heraldry-11, History-10, Intimidation-11, Knife-7, Leadership-5, Mathematics-10, Musical Instr. (Recorder)-13 (0.5), Naturalist-13 (0.5), Occultism-14 (0.5), Poisons-10, Scrounging-15 (0.5), Sex Appeal-8, Singing-10 (0.5), Stealth-11, Strategy-10, Tactics-10, Traps/TL3-11.



Itch-15/17 (1), Sense Foes-15/17 (1), Purify Air-15/17 (1), Ignite Fire-15/17 (1), Lend Strength-15/17 (1), Simple Illusion-15/17 (1), Detect Magic-15/17 (1), Scryguard-15/17 (1), Fear-15/17 (1), Teleport (VH)-14/16 (1), Death Vision-15/17 (1).

Weapons & Possessions

Crossbow, $150, 6#, impale 1+2, SS 12, Acc 4, 1/2 200, Max 250.
Knife,small, $30, 1#, cut 1-3, impale 1-3
Backpack (sm. 40#), $60, 3#.
Blanket, hvy wool, $20, 5#.
Clothing (middle-class), $40, 1#.
Personal basics, $5, 0#.
Pouch,small (3#), $10, 0#.
Wineskin, small (1 gal.), $10, 0#.
Coins, $0
Equiment Totals: $325, 16#.



It works best if she's still able to be a magical creature, but perhaps a high-powered Psychokinetic would be feasible. Literacy is no longer an advantage.

Near Future:

Illyana's probably either gengineered or heavily cyborged, or both - and maybe a Psychokinetic to boot! Perhaps she's on the run from the MegaCorp who created her. Literacy is no longer an advantage.


Same as above, but Illyana's origins expand to include being from an alien race (an adopted foundling, or half-alien/half-human . . . ); a tech-skill or two would be good. Literacy is no longer an advantage.

Illyana is an Ifrit - a race that didn't make it into GURPS Fantasy Folk, but did make it into a Roleplayer article. The premise is that sometimes sorta "demonic"-looking kids get born to normal humans - the kids have little horns, wings, and generally grow up with very emphatic personalities. While most fall into bad company (or are kidnapped), and are raised to be nasty, vicious, and altogther unpleasant, some are raised in very good enviornments, and become emphatically upstanding, ethical, and holier-than-thou.

Illyana was in a family that was mostly raising her as profoundly average, with "good" tendencies (I don't recall if I'd read Pratchett & Gaiman's Good Omens then or not..). Then a bunch of slavering necromancer-types grabbed her and her family and started trying to raise their "pet demon" their way. However, when the high mucky-muck killed her family, and Illyana found out about it, she told him where he could put his magic wand and left. Now she's out, seeing the sights, wandering around, and biding her time for when she can come back with an arsenal of spells and wipe out the killers of her family. (Of course, if she finds one of that group lurking around alone, she'll go after him.) She's mostly still a kid (Ifrit is a 95 point advantage!), but she's got some advantages and could be an interesting surprise if the party catches her practicing her thief-skills on them! And how will the PC's lech react to an apparent 12-year-old making a pass at him?

I designed her a while ago - I think I'd sacrifice a level of Star-Magery and give her better skills, now. On the other hand, if she survives being played for a few games, she becomes something of a terror . . . I'd definitely ditch Recorder and put it into something like Stealth, making her more of a thief than a street-urchin/begger, or into Sex Appeal, perhaps - going after the cute "sugar daddies."

Typical Quotes:

"Spare a copper, handsome sir?" "Oh, please, sir, don't hurt me, don't hurt me. <waggles fingers, casts Death Vision, snickers> Why are you screaming?" "I was just looking for something to eat." "YOU! You're one of the scum who killed my family! YOU'RE GOING TO PAY!"

* Author's comment from previous page appearance: "This page is black because Illyana has Lecherousness, and appears to be underage by 6 years. (She's not.)"

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