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Simone Hospitalier

Rich Socialite

Total: 100 points (allegedly)

Golden-brown hair, blue eyes, a little on the plump side (not enough to be over-weight, though).

Attributes (65 points)

ST 9, DX 13, IQ 14, HT 10

Advantages (35 points):

Attractive, Status +1, Very Wealthy

Disadvantages (-15):

Fear of Reptiles (mild), Secret (Where she got her money, -5 points).

Quirks (-5):

Enigmatic; Discreet; A little too proud of her fencing (and other combat-sports) trophies; Often absent for long periods of time; Often helpful with . . . distressing . . . problems.


Acting-14 (2), Administration-12 (0.5), Computer Operation/TL11-13 (0.5), Dancing-12 (1), Detect Lies-14 (4), Diplomacy-13 (2), Beam Weapons (laser)/TL11-15 (1), Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL11-14 (0.5), Force Sword-12 (1), Judo-12 (2), Karate-12 (2), Piloting (Aircar)/TL11-13 (2), Research-12 (0.5), Savoir-Faire-16, Sex Appeal-11* (2), Streetwise-13 (1), Swimming-12 (0.5).

* +1 for Attractive, possibly +1 for Status.



Rich social people aren't that different, except that her house will have several servants (very close-mouthed; consider taking them as 0-point dependant/Allies) instead of robots, and she'll have a few magical items. If using the "she's really a 150-200 point character in disguise" option, she'll probably be a mage herself.


Instead of Force Sword and Beam Weapons, she'll have Fencing and Guns (pistol and rifle both); she might have a house-keeper or gardener.

Near Future:

She keeps a pair of monowire sabers crossed above her fireplace instead of sport-strength force-swords; otherwise, pretty much the same. Add a (discreet, probably hidden) neural interface implant, but no other cyborging.

Ms. Hospitalier appeared on the "rich kid" scene several years ago - apparently from out of nowhere - and has been a delightful addition to her social class ever since. She has a nice house, owns a couple of office/apartment buildings, and makes occasional vague references to her "other holdings and assets." It's generally believed that she has links to organized crime, and it's true that when people have asked her help in . . . delicate matters (often involving finances or obtaining rather tasteless negatives) . . . Simone has been surprisingly helpful - never directly, mind you, but the problem often just goes away. To the bored, pampered, and protected crowd she associates with, the whiff of elegantly mysterious danger that clings to Ms. Hospitalier is a novel delight, and she gets invited to nearly all the best parties.

As an NPC, there are several options for Simone - the first one is that she's exactly what she seems to be! Just a rich young woman (she's mid-to late 20's) who came by her cash in some way she'd rather not talk about (maybe she was some rich fellow's love-child, or maybe she did get the cash by illegal means), and likes the thrill of messing with those aforementioned "delicate matters." Another option is that she's mostly what she seems to be - she just has some old friends in the underworld, and a few skills that might be a little "uncivilized." And the third option is that she's really somewhere around 150-200 points and has a nifty-keen secret identity and lots of neat disads like Enemy. Options 1 and 2 are good for getting PCs involved - Simone's taken on a favor for a friend and managed to get in a little over her head. Option 3 is good if the PCs got in a little over their heads, and need a hand. Of course, they'll owe her a favor after that . . .

And, for those "ethically challenged" characters, Simone can always prove to be just the wrong person to burgle. Look at TL11 Security devices in GURPS Ultra-Tech and have fun. Having blackmail on criminals is so useful sometimes (though it would be horribly tacky to threaten anyone with it - it's much more polite to be gracious about things), and it's rather hard to get at someone who has clones and braintapes set aside.

Typical Quotes:

"How lovely to see you again! Are you enjoying the party?"

"Yes, I heard about that robbery. Tragic. Oh, that was the person who was being . . . Oh, my. How fortunate."

"Here, sit down. Tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help."

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