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Myrgill the Maneuver Mage

100 points

107: Maneuver Mage
By: DATA [337]
Date: 17:30 9/20/91

The following character was created for purposed of testing the various spell enhancement systems suggested on the Fantasy board. This one is using my own Maneuver system.

I think that what you will find is a well-balanced mage with a few handy maneuvers. What I found when designing him was the difficulty of saving points for maneuvers, while spending points to raise the base spells (so that the maneuvers would be at a decent level!)

Myrgill the Maneuver Mage

Myrgill is an aged hedgewizard, although he was once an adventurer. Now he resides in the quiet town of Willowleaf, helping the peasants and farmers. Occasionally, he'll have to drive off an orc raiding party, and sometimes he'll join up with some young adventurers just for fun.

ST 10 (0 points)
DX 11 (10 points)
IQ 15 (60 points)
HT 9 (-10 points)
Speed: 4.0

Advantages (35 points):

Magery 2 (25 points)
Literacy (10 points)

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Age: 60 (-30 points)
Stubborness (-5 points)
Truthfulness (-5 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Keeps his beard long (-1 point)
Speaks in middle english (-1 point)
Quotes from various religious scriptures (-1 point)
Believes that all young adventures are hotheaded (-1 point)
Will always help peasants and townspeople (-1 point)


Alchemy (M/VH)     12  (1 point)
Area Knowledge (M/E)  14  (1/2 point; Willowleaf) 
First Aid (M/E)    14  (1/2 point)
Knife (P/E)      11  (1 point)
Occultism (M/A)    13  (1/2 point)
Savoir-Faire (M/E)   14  (1/2 point)
Staff (P/H)       9  (1 point)
Survival (M/A)     13  (1/2 point; Plains)
Theology (M/H)     13  (1 point)

Spells by College

EARTH COLLEGE: 17.5 points

Seek Earth (M/H)    15  (1 point)
Shape Earth (M/H)   15  (1 point)
Sand Jet (M/H)     16  (2 points)
  Fan (S/H)     11  (1 point)    Defaults to Spell-6
Shape Stone (M/H)   15  (1 point)
Walk Through Earth(M/H)15  (1 point)
Earth to Stone (M/H)  15  (1 point)
Create Earth (M/H)   15  (1 point)
Stone Missile (M/H)  17  (4 points)
  Power Strike (S/H) 13  (1 point)    Defaults to Spell-5
  Armor Pierce (S/A) 14  (1/2 point)   Defaults to Spell-4
Earth Vision (M/H)   16  (2 points)
  Area (S/H)     12  (1 point)    Defaults to Spell-5


Lend Strength (M/H)  15  (1 point)
Lend Health (M/H)   15  (1 point)
Recover Strength (M/H) 15  (1 point)
Minor Healing (M/H)  15  (1 point)
  Area (S/H)     11  (1 point)    Defaults to Spell-5


Shield (M/H)      15  (1 point)
Armor (M/H)      15  (1 point)
Mystic Mist (M/H)   16  (2 points)
  Radiate (S/A)   15  (1/2 point)   Defaults to Spell-2


Find Weakness (M/H)  15  (1 point)
Weaken (M/H)      15  (1 point)
  Armor Pierce (S/A) 13  (1 point)    Defaults to Spell-4
Reshape (M/H)     15  (1 point)

SOUND COLLEGE: 4.5 points

Sound (M/H)      15  (1 point)
Voices (M/H)      15  (1 point)
  Area (S/H)     11  (1 point)    Defaults to Spell-5
Thunderclap (M/H)   15  (1 point)
  Enhance Range (S/A)14  (1/2 point)   Defaults to Spell-2


Seek Water (M/H)    15  (1 point)
Purify Water (M/H)   15  (1 point)
Create Water (M/H)   15  (1 point)

AIR COLLEGE: 2 points

Purify Air (M/H)    15  (1 point)
Create Air (M/H)    15  (1 point)

FIRE COLLEGE: 2 points

Ignite Fire (M/H)   15  (1 point)
  Area (S/H)     11  (1 point)    Defaults to Spell-5

Maneuver Summary

Sand Jet (Fan): Used to protect the village from orc bands; blinds them while peasants get ready.
Stone Missile (Power Strike & Armor Piercing): Used mostly when facing powerful foes, often when adventuring.
Earth Vision (Area): Helps peasants mine an entire area; many miners can see through the earth.
Minor Healing (Area): An expensive but useful mass-healing spell.
Mystic Mist (Radiate): He likes to make himself glow brightly as a neon gas spreads out of the area. Scares orcs!
Weaken (Armor Piercing): Used to weaken enemy weapons and armor, along with the rare siege machine.
Voices (Area): Used to confuse orcs - they hear an army around them!
Thunderclap (Enhance Range): Used to scare away orcs that are far away - gives peasants more time to prepare.
Ignite Fire (Area): Used when orcs are getting too close to village - he'll ignite all of their clothes, scaring them more than hurting them.


Attributes: 60
Advantages: 35
Disadvantages: -40
Quirks: -5
Skills: 7.5
Spells: 42.5
TOTAL: 100 points

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