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Carina "L.A. Doll" St. Tropez


Total: 500 points

Attributes (330 CP):

ST: 120 (220), DX: 15 (60), IQ: 12 (20), HT: 13 (30)

Advantages (20 CP):

High Pain Threshold (10), Attractive (5), Reputation +1 (5)

Super-Advantages (208 CP):

Super-Jumping x2 (20), DR: 60 (180), Microscopic Vision x2 (8)

Disadvantages (-100 CP):

Inconvenient Size: 9" tall (-15), Overconfidence (-10), Impulsiveness (-10), Berserk (-15), Post-Combat Shakes (-5), Jealousy (-10), Stubbornness (-5), Bully (-10), Low Empathy (-15)

Quirks (-5 CP)


Skills (47 CP):

Acrobatics 2-14, Running 2-12, Throwing 2-14, Judo 4-15, Boxing 4-16, Climbing 1-14, Stealth 1-14, Riding 1-14, Sport: Volleyball 1-14, Jumping 8-18, Swimming 1-15, Sewing 1-15, Read/Write: English 0-11, English 0-12, Mathematics 1-10, History 1-10, Botany 1-10, Zoology 1-10, Chemistry 1-10, Read/Write: French 1-10, Literature 1-10, Animal Handling 1-10, Diagnosis 1-10, Writing 1-11, Research 1-11, Scuba 1-11, French 1-11, Performance 1-11, Acting 1-11, First Aid 1-12, Cooking 1-12, Typing 1-12, Computer Ops 1-12

Carina seems just as carefree as the rest of the Beach Patrol but is quite dejected about her size and inability to relate with others. The rather promiscuous nature of Ballistic, Splash and Lancer doesn't help her loneliness. Even Sea Lion has more luck at romance than she does and she was actually relieved when the group split up since she didn't like being around her teammates. She has come to miss taking her frustrations out on thugs and such and is considering finding a new team, one that is a little less libidinous and a little more violent . . . She has received overtures from another permanantly shrunk Super by the name of Neutron who works in satellite repair for NASA. These invitations are actually unknown to Neutron and are the work of his matchmaking mother who wouldn't mind 3" grandchildren so long as it happens before she dies. Toy companies have used her in commercials and endorsements (in fact some of her outfits are later seen on Barbie Dolls) and provide her with scale outfits and gear, even a miniature landrover and a palatial dollhouse with jacuzzi! The special attention only makes her feel all the more freakish and she has had to have the house totally reconstructed once because of a temper tantrum.

NOTE: L.A. Doll has Inconvenient Size instead of Always On Shrinking as her reduced size has no effect on her weight, Move, ST, Hits, damage, etc. She IS small enough to suffer problems with facilities, doors & clothing, but requires the full caloric intake, air supply, etc of a 6' woman of 160 lbs. She can perform a Standing High Jump of 116' 8" or a Standing Broad Jump of 468'. With a 4 yard run she adds 8' to her High Jump & for every yard of takeoff she adds 4' to her Broad Jump, up to 2x her maximum. With Extra Effort at a cost of 1 fatigue, she adds 35' to her High Jump or 140' to her Broad Jump on a roll of 15 or less. At a full move of 9 (+1 for Running & +1 Sprint bonus already counted in) with an expense of 1 fatigue & a roll of 15 or less, L.A. Doll can Broad Jump 706' over 5 turns at 47 hexes/turn (103 MPH!). Any collision at this speed would inflict 20 dice of damage. These ratios are derived from the Basic Set (3rd ed) p 88 & modified for her Super-Jumping ability.

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