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Bjorn Half-Fish

Viking Werebear

Total: 100 points

109: Vikings Character for TT Adventure
By: Tomb [523]
Date: 21:28 10/25/91

Here's a character you might want to use, Data.

Bjorn Half-Fish

GURPS Vikings (TL 3; 100 points)

7' 2" 270 lbs

ST 14 (45 points)
DX 12 (20 points)
HT 11 (10 points)
IQ 11 (10 points)
Basic Speed / Move 5.75 / 5, Dodge 5, Parry 7, Block 6


Shapeshifter - Werebear (15 points), Comfortable Wealth (10 points), Reputation +2 (Mercenaries) (5 points)


Berserk (0 pts - included with were-bear), Overconfidence (-10 points), Gigantism (-5 points in Vikings; only -1 reaction outside of combat), Bad Sight - farsighted (-25 points), Viking code of honor - 10 points) (In Vikings characters are allowed Viking C.O.H. in addition to the normal -40 points of disadvantages)


Loves to eat fish,especially herring; swears by Tyr at every opportunity ("By Tyr's bloody wrist!" being a favorite); Challenges new comrades to a game of Hnefatafl; in public buildings sits facing the door; when entering battle yells "Who's ready to go to Valhalla?"


Axe-13 (4 points), Brawling-14 (2 points), Broadsword-14 (8 points), Carousing-11 (2 points) Climbing-11 (1 point), Fishing-11 (1 point), Games/Hnefatafl-11 (1 point), Seamanship/TL3-12 (2 points), Shield-12 (1 point), Stealth-13 (4 points), Swimming-12 (1 point), Throwing Axe-13 (4 points), Tracking-13 (4 points)


Bastard sword, large throwing axe, small knife, viking shield, steel helmet, leather jerkin, leather breeches, linen undershirt, wool tunic, wool cloak, boots, wool hat (worn under helmet), gold pendant with Tyr's name in runes, hnefatafl set.

Bear form:

ST 28, IQ 11, DX 13, HT 13

PD 1 DR 4 Speed 8
Damage - Biting 1d + 2 cutting, claws (1 hex range) 1d + 2 crushing

Bjorn has found his niche in life as a berserker, carrying on a long family tradition. His size and shapeshifting have helped in numerous occasions, giving him a good reputation among mercenaries. His nickname came about on one campaign when one person just meeting him said "By Odin's missing eye, this man's a giant! He must be half-troll!" whereupon another companion said "No, look at how he puts the herring away. Half-fish is more like it!" The nickname stuck. He has come out well in battles, which has given him the money to clothe and armor his oversized body.

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