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Marlys Nine-lives

Yrth Tavern Wench/Traveling Dancer/Covert Ops./Thief

[Created by]
Total: 100 points


(-10) ST 9
(60) DX 15
(30) IQ 13
(10) HT 11

Advantages (35 points):

Double-Jointed, Luck (15 points), Beautiful.

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Greed, Jealousy, Poor.

Quirks (-5 points):



Acrobatics-14 (2), Acting-12 (1), Climbing-16 (0.5), Dancing-13 (0.5), Disguise-11 (0.5), Escape-16 (1), Fast Draw (Knife)-14 (0.5), Fast-Talk-12 (1), Holdout-12 (1), Jumping-14 (0.5), Knife-14 (0.5), Knife Throwing-14 (0.5), Lockpicking/TL3-12 (1), Pickpocket-14 (2), Sex Appeal-8 (becomes 10/12 with appearance modifiers), Shadowing-12, Staff-14 (2), Stealth-16 (4), Streetwise-12 (1), Traps/TL3-11 (0.5).

Weapons & Possessions

Knife,large: $40, 1#, cut 1-3, impale 1-2,
- thrown: impale 1-2, SS 12, Acc 0, 1/2 7, Max 45.
2 Daggers (cheap): $16, 1#, impale 1-3,
- thrown: impale 1-3, SS 12, Acc 0, 1/2 4, Max 9.
Quarterstaff: $10, 4#, crush(sw) 1+1, crush(thr) 1.
Clothing (middle-class): $40, 1#.
Leather jacket, PD1, DR1, $50, 4#.
Pouch,small (3#): $10, 0#.
Personal basics: $5, 0#.
Lockpicks (ordinary quality): $30, 0#.
Coins: $0
Totals: $2011, (1)#. [I haven't got a clue why the spreadsheet has this value on it . . . ]


Modern through Space:

Beautiful thieves don't change that much through the tech levels. Add Electronic Operations (Security Systems) and consider giving her a Guns or Beam Weapons skill (though her default will be half-way decent in those). Illiteracy will be a disad, and she'd probably want Literacy instead when it gets to be free.

"Most people take you for a high-class tavern wench, or a dancer. Indeed, you've done both jobs, but your real talents aren't quite so legitimate. You're also a much better fighter than you appear to be, especially if you've got distance to throw a couple of those daggers that you couldn't possibly have concealed there, or if you can grab your 'walking' staff."

A more detailed description, from a different convention-game, is . . .

"You are a thief, and enjoy it. You are poor [Poor disadvantage], and jealous of those who are better off (or more beautiful, or smarter, or . . . ) [Jealousy disadvantage], and are more than willing to rectify these inequities. Of course, you also just love money, and aren't too particular how you get it [Greed disadvantage]. You are also a beautiful woman [Beautiful appearance advantage], and are not above using your appearance to twist men around your little finger, to get what you want [Sex Appeal skill]. Your name, "Nine-lives", is both a tribute to your cat-burglar skills, and to the fact that you sometimes escape certain capture, injury, or death by sheer improbable coincidence [Luck advantage, usable once per real-time hour in the game, lets you roll any one roll three times, and take the most advantageous result, may be applied to either your own or a GM roll]. You also are very lithe [Double-Jointed advantage], which benefits several of your skills [already computed on character sheet].

"Your skills are mostly related to second-story work: Acrobatics (besides the obvious tricks, also reduces falling damage), Climbing,Jumping, Lockpicking/TL3, and Stealth (letting you move silently and hide). You also have several skills useful in locating victims, or getting into their houses by guile, or in escaping the consequences of your actions: Acting (allows you to fake emotions, voices, and lie convincingly), Disguise (which lets you pretend to be someone or something else, generally requires makeup and wardrobe), Escape (from ropes, fetters, and the like), Fast-Talk (conning others, can substitute for a reaction roll), Sex Appeal (another way to get out of bad situations, can substitute for a reaction roll), Shadowing (for following potential victims through crowds), and Streetwise (gets you disreputable contacts, for disposing of loot, or picking up rumors of good targets, also can substitute for a reaction roll in bad neighborhoods).

"You also have a couple of other work-related skills: Dancing (as a cover, or to get close to victims), and Pickpocket (for getting eating money, snagging keys, or planting evidence). You have never really studied traps [Traps/TL3], so you only have the default-level skill in this [8, pretty bad], someday, you'd like to rectify this omission in your education."

[[Note that this has obviously happened, so Traps is now 11, with 1/2 point in it!]]

"You are not a particularly accomplished fighter - attacking people is dangerous, and not very profitable, but you do have some combat skills: Knife, Knife Throwing, Fast-Draw (Knife) (lets you draw and attack or throw on the same turn, with a successful skill roll), and Staff (a simple, cheaply available, but reasonably powerful weapon).

"This mission is not of your choosing. All you wanted was to share the wealth a little - Lord Tyndall's wealth, with you as the deserving recipient. Unfortunately, your famous luck deserted you for once, and you were caught by his guardsman. However, Lord Tyndall said he didn't want to brand such a beautiful woman (maybe sex appeal skill is good for something . . . ), and offered you the alternative of joining this mission, and earning a reward, as well as your freedom. You would ordinarily cut your losses and take off as soon as you're out of this burg, but for two things: the reward sounds like it might be substantial, and Lord Tyndall had a priest put some kind of spell on you to ensure that you perform the mission and return."/p>

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