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Glare Dragon-mistress

Dragon-mistress . . .

Total: 200 points
[Created by David Hadar <>]

Glare is a 24 year old beautiful woman. Short blond hair, blue eyes. With the correct clothes she can fit into any crowd, from a royal party to a barbarian horde to a elvish village; she just has one of those faces. She usually wears a mid weight armor or plain leather clothes.


(20) 12 ST
(60) 15 DX
(20) 12 IQ
(20) 12 HT

Advantages (102 points):

Alertness +3 (15 points), Animal Empathy (5 points), Appearance: Beautiful (15 points), Extra Fatigue +3 (9 points), Extra Hit Points +2 (10 points), High Pain Threshold (10 points), Strong Will +2 (8 points), Unusual Background: Dragon mistress (30 points)

[The Unusual Background includes the cost of having a dragon (the dragon is sentient but she has him under a "spell;" he doesn't aid her from his own free will and if he dies, she can get another). --David]

Disadvantages (-65 points)

Compulsive Carousing (-5 points), Delusion: believes that the ring is the source of her power (-10 points), Glory Hound (-15 points), Social Stigma: Outlaw (-15 points), Social Stigma: Woman (-5 points), Stubbornness (-5 points), Vow: avenge her mother's death (-10 points)

Quirks (-5 points)

Claustrophobia; Open about sex; Wants to be Famous; Wants to be the Best; Will sleep with anybody she deems attractive.

Skills (48 points)

Level Points
13    1.0  Acrobatics
11    1.0  Acting
14    1.0  Animal Handling
11    0.5  Area Knowledge (kingdom)
12    2.0  Armoury
13    0.5  Axe/Mace
16    8.0  Bow
16    2.0  Brawling
 9    1.0  Breath Control
15    2.0  Broadsword
16    2.0  Crossbow
12    2.0  Fast-Talk
11    0.5  First Aid
12    1.0  Fishing
 9    0.0  Flail
13    1.0  Judo
15    4.0  Karate
14    0.5  Knife
15    1.0  Knife Throwing
13    0.5  Lance
12    0.0  Language (Native)
11    0.5  Leatherworking
 9    0.5  Navigation
12    0.5  Net
18    1.0  Riding (dragon)
19    2.0  Riding (horse)
11    0.5  Savoir-Faire
12    2.0  Sex Appeal
14    0.5  Shield
13    0.0  Shortsword
13    0.5  Spear
14    0.5  Spear Throwing
14    1.0  Stealth
11    1.0  Streetwise
14    0.5  Swimming
11    1.0  Tracking
15    2.0  Two-Handed Axe/Mace
15    2.0  Two-Handed Sword
13    0.5  Whip


Attributes: 120 points
Advantages: 102 points
Disadvantages: -65 points
Quirks: -5 points
Skills: 48 points
Total: 200 points


["This was inspired by 'Silver'," according to the creator. --arcangel, proudly]

She is from a line of dragon mistresses. Her mother, also a dragon mistress, was assassinated when Glare was only four. The assassins left Glare to die in a forest, but a hunting party of elves found her and took her back to their village. They raised her as she was their own. When she was 16, she went to find her out about her past. The elves told her where they found her and she took it from there. She found out that she was a rightful dragon mistress, and that her mother was murdered. She vowed to avenge her mother's death. She was trained for four years by a master and got to be a skilled fighter, worthy of her blood line. She set out to find the ring of the dragon mistress. When she found it, she could ride dragons (the ring only unleashed her power; she can now ride dragons without it but she doesn't know that yet (like Disney's Dumbo)).

Now she is adventuring across the known world. She has been from the icy northern land to the southern continent and everywhere in between. She has a dragon named Silver. She often "steals from the rich and gives to the poor" but keeps some for herself. (The Karate and Judo are called "Fodje" and "Gozin" in my world, and they are elven martial arts.) She has short hair because long hair could be grabbed in combat, and get in her face while flying. She prefers fighting with bows and knives but is very talented with sword and axe.

She is a great PC for high power fantasy. She often takes sidekicks to help her in an adventure or two. An elf PC might be a childhood friend. If the PC's are rich she might steal from them. If they are good guys they will help each other. If you have PC that flirts too much, give him a taste of Glare . . .


Glare has been in many places and knows a lot of people from a lot of background. And she has almost as many names as legends about her. Here's some:

Her blood line or last name is Dragon-mistress; nobles will call her that (e.g., "Damn you, Dragon-mistress!" said the evil duke Gorilo). Her full first human name is Glarematoz. The PC and players will probably call her Glare and so do most her human friends. Her full elvesh name is Xenisorelatare, but it is only used in ceremonies. Normally an elf will call her Xenisor; her elven friends call her Niso. Dwarfs would call her "teb-brik" which means "short hair." Pirates call her "endless pit" (because of that drinking incident - long story) and the robinhoods of this world call her ice lady (because she doesn't fall for his charm). Her lovers call her pure joy. Nobody calls her sweetheart. [ I'd love to hear some more names. -David

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