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10th generation Malkavian Vampire
& Student at WUSE: Dept. of Genetic Engineering

[Created by]
Total: 110 points

Age 25, apparent age 18, size 6', 140 lbs.; long black hair, blue eyes.


ST 10
DX 10
IQ 13
HT 9 (-10)


Unaging (15)
Blood Healing (25)
Doesn't Breathe (30)
Vampiric Invulnerablity (100 - the one from GURPS Vampire the Masquerade, not from Blood Types)
10th Generation (25)
Auspex 2 (4)
Dominate 2 (4)
Ofuscate 3 (6)
Celerity 2 (16)


Roetschreck (-10)
Sundeath (-40)
The Draining (-10)
Unhealing (-20)
Berserk (-15)
Secret (Vampire) (-10; applies only off-campus)
Impulsiveness (-10)
Absent-Mindedness (-10)
Major delusion: The deans are all really Methuselahs and Antediluvians, and Caine sleeps somewhere beneath the steam tunnels (-10)
Academic Status -2 (-10)
Lives on Campus (-5)

Quirks (-5 points):

-Likes to watch cartoons (don't we all, Beth?) [Yep! –]
-Likes to sleep in a coffin
-Yawns often with fangs extended
-Complains constantly about the blood served in the mensa ("And they only have A positive. I say! And I don't _want_ to know what else they put into it . . .")
-Wears sunglasses at night


Karate-8 (1)
Guns/TL7-11 (.5)
Climbing-8 (.5)
Genetic Engineering/TL7-8 (2)
Biochemistry/TL7-11 (2)
Chemistry/TL7 (2)
Heightened Senses-11 (1)
Aura Perception-11 (1)
Command the Wearied Mind-11 (1)
Mesmerize-11 (1)
Cloak of Shadows-11 (1)
Unseen Presence-11 (1)
Mask of the Thousand Faces-11 (1)



Keeps his roommate awake late at night by throwing wild parties in his coffin (it isn't soundproof...)


Keeps his roommate awake late at night by grinning evilly (with fangs extended) when asked where he gets his blood.

Darkly Illuminated:

Claims that he sleeps in a coffin for religious reasons. Feeds from his roommate while he sleeps. His roommate might also wonder why he is always talked into "lending" Francis more money . . .


His most prized possession is a metal "coffin" resting on the floor of his room in the Monty Hall dorm. In reality, this is the entrance to a private pocket dimension (the coffin has all the neccessary warning signs) which he acquired after retrieving the thesis project of a Thaumaturgy grad student that had been stolen by a rival. The interior is quite luxurious: swimming pool, snooker tables and a private bar (he likes to throw parties in here), as well as a wooden coffin, in which he sleeps during the day. (He doesn't have to, of course, but he likes it that way.)


Francis (for some reason he never uses his last name) was embraced 7 years ago by a wandering Malkavian who turned him into a vampire and left without a further explanation.

Since then he has wandered himself all over North America and learned what he could about the various vampire clans and their relationships. Eventually he came (as so many do) to IOU and decided to stay, as he had always wanted to study and IOU was the only University that offered lectures at night. He enrolled for Genetic Engineering, at first because he thought it would be fun to mess up creatures' DNAs, but later (after first drinking "blood" in the Borgia Center) he became determined to create animals that would give him a steadier and (most importantly) tastier supply of blood.


After some time at IOU, Francis became convinced that the senior faculty members were all elder vampires. After all, here the Masquerade is violated openly (he knows about several other vampire student), and no one outside of IOU knows about it, and no one (either on- or offcampus) seems to care. He doesn't know how they can walk around during the day, but is determined to find out. He tries to hang around the WUSE dean often to learn more about the deans, as Walters seems to be more approachable than the rest.

He has convinced several vampires in other cities to sponsor his efforts to create animals with tastier blood (this effectively equals the job "Student Supported by Parents" on the job table). Sometimes he tries to mesmerize people and tell them to give him all their money. If it fails (and it fails quite often, as he only has Mesmerize-11), he usually claims to be working for the IRS (he only does this off-campus, however - he might be Malkavian, and he might be mad, but he surely isn't stupid).

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