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Bob "Megaphone" Malarkey

Circus Barker/Small Yappy Dog

[created by]
Total: 150 points


(10) ST 11
(45) DX 14
(20) IQ 12
(20) HT 12

Advantages (83 points):

Charisma +2, Luck (once/30min; 30 points), Strong Will +1, Voice; Megaphone voice (clearly heard over 100 hex radius), Sonic Blast Power 3 (Only in dog form (-20%), Armor Piercing (1/2 DR, +50%), Recoil - 1hex/8 pts. dmg. (-40%)).

Disadvantages (-70 points):

Dyslexia (-15 points), Greed, Sense of Duty (to circus, -5 points), Struggling, Unattractive, Uncontrolled change (to small yappy dog (-20 points)).

Quirks (-5 points):



Acting-17 (2), Bard-18, Brawling-13 (0.5), Carousing-11 (1), Detect Lies-11 (2), Diplomacy-13 (2), Fast-Talk-16 (8), Gambling-11 (1), Merchant-12 (1), Performance-18 (10), Psychology-11 (2), Scrounging-11 (0.5), Streetwise-13 (4), Throwing-15 (8), Sonic Blast (P/Super)-13 (4)

"You're the announcer and barker for the circus, and you're good at your job - you've got a voice that carries beautifully. The only problem in your life is that when you get angry or frightened, you change . . . into a small gray dog. The compensation for this is that you can quite literally bark the walls down around you with your shrill yapping."

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