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Psionic Mage-Thief

Total: 100 points

Average appearance, dark brown hair, green-hazel eyes, about 5'8", has some acne on his nose. About 19 years old.


(-10) ST 9
( 0) DX 10
(60) IQ 15
( 0) HT 10

Advantages (57 points):

Literacy, Magical Aptitude 2, Autoteleport Power 10 (5 fatigue per use (-25%), Takes 2 seconds to "cast" (-10%), Only 6 uses per day (-10%); 22 points).

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Skinny, Greed, Sense of Duty (Friends), Laziness, Stubbornness

Quirks (-5 points):

Somewhat cowardly; Thinks psi-teleport is magical (and therefore that "no mana" doesn't exist, if you can just get the right incantation . . . ); Hates spending money, but gambles anyway; [2 undetermined]

Skills (15 points):

Acting-13 (0.5), Area Knowledge (home city)-14 (0.5), Body Sense-10 (4), Disguise-13 (0.5), Fast-Talk-13 (0.5), Gambling-13 (0.5), Knife-6, Knife Throwing-6, Merchant-13 (0.5), Savoir-Faire-14 (0.5), Stealth-11 (2), Streetwise-13 (0.5), Scrounging-14 (0.5), Traps/TL3-13 (0.5), Spell Throwing (Poltergeist)-11 (2), Autoteleport Skill-14 (2).

Spells (23 points):

(All spells are at 15, with one point in them, except the two Very Hard spells, which are at 14, with one point.)

Seek Earth, Purify Air, Ignite Fire, Seek Water, Seek Food, Lend Strength, Recover Strength, Simple Illusion, Detect Magic (normal "you're a mage, this feels magical" didn't work in the universe he was created for), Light, Poltergeist, Apportation, Levitation, Teleport (VH), Shield, Mystic Mist, Missile Shield, Find Weakness, Weaken, Shatter (VH), Sound, Foolishness, Scryguard.


2 daggers, 30 feet of cord (supporting 90 lbs), 30 feet of rope (supporting 300 lbs), 3 iron spikes, Ordinary quality lockpicks, light hooked grapnel, lower-class clothes, shoes, small pouch (carries 3 lbs.), whetstone, personal basics, 1-quart ceramic bottle, heavy wool blanket.



Tasmul may be a fallen "prodigal son" who's got a selection of spells which may or may not work (Delusion: Magic works, if they don't, but you also get to use his spell-points for new skills!) and one "spell" which does . . . Change Traps to Electronic Operations (Security Systems)/TL7, and put the Spell Throwing points into things like climbing. Consider lowering his IQ one point and raising his DX a little.

Near Future

Tasmul was the child of a corp-type, who thought it would be fun to do business with the corp's rivals . . . His Teleport powers manifested and now he's on the run . . . He might make a good net-runner, especially if his spell-points are used for more skills (like computer hacking). Make the same alterations as with Modern, but for TL8 or TL9. He'll probably have some light cyberwear, too (interface jack, at the minimum).


In this, he could be from some planetary nobility, on the run for some reason (maybe because he's got a psi power?) - or the typical genetically engineered creation who doesn't want to work off his indenture. Take the spell-points and either add some more psi, or put them into DX or his skills.

Tasmul (the first male character I ever played) was created for a PBEM that had a mageocracy in power. He was an apprentice gone bad who'd gotten caught early in his career. Frantic that he'd have his mage-powers stripped from him, he attempted to cast a Teleport spell - in a no-mana cell. It was an act of desperation, and he went through the whole toe-tapping, chanting, hand-waving ritual. It worked. He wound up outside the jail, nearly exhausted, but with enough strength left to cast the normal version of the spell and get to a safe place.

These days, he makes his living running errands and playing second-story burgler. He pretends that he's not a mage (which is why he has rope, spikes, and a grapnel - to leave the marks of a mundane thief, not a levitating one), but sometimes pretends that he "just happens to have a magic item that does [whatever spell he's casting this time]." Fortunately, he can cast most of his spells at a high enough level that it only takes a quiet word and gesture, so he can get away with that.

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