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William Ford

Crippled Computer Programmer and Martian Independance advocate

135 points

by David Starner

ST: 10

IQ: 15

DX: 10

HT: 12

Move: 5

Advantages (71 points):

Intuitive Mathematician (25 points), Cool (Quirk) (1 point), Eidetic Memory - Level 1 (30 points), Single-Minded (5 points), Ally Group / Using 100-points individuals, Small group (2 to 5 people), (roll of 6 or less) (10 points)

Disadvantages (-51 points):

Lame: Legless or paraplegic (-35 points), Imaginative (-1 point), Phobia / Mild Demophobia (Crowds) (-15 points), Cyber-Rejection+1 (-5 points)

Quirks (-5):

Rambles on on tangential topics; Finds all the passwords and back doors for any system he might have to work with; Changes majors about every semester; Tends to calculate and write using Knuth's surreal numbers; Claims to be absent minded and will sometimes "forget" about class and homework.


Computer Hacking/TL-22 (4 points), Computer Programming/TL-21 (5 points), Artificial Intelligence/TL-18 (0 point), Computer Operation/TL-16 (1 point), Mathematics-20 (4 points), Cryptology/TL-20 (7 points), Cryptanalysis/TL-19 (1 point), Physics/TL-15 (2 points), Biochemistry/TL-15 (4 points), Micropaleontology-16 (2.75 points), Genetics/TL-14 (2 points), Chemistry/TL-14 (1 point), Physician/TL-15 (2 points), First Aid/TL-17 (1.5 points), Thanatology-13 (0.5 point), Research-15 (1 point), Science!-14 (2 points), Shorthand-14 (0.25 point), Judo-9 (2 points)


Fighting While Seated-8 (1 point)


Language: Esperanto-16 (1 point), Language: English-15 (0 point)


Tech Level: 8
Game Name: Martian Independence
Encumbrance: 0
Will: 15
Hearing: 15
Vision: 15
Smelling: 15
Tasting: 15
Money: 1000

William Ford was born and grew up in Cherokee, Oklahoma in 2142. By far the brightest student of the area, he studied randomly and in whatever field he felt like. Despite this, he advanced through school quickly. When he was about 14, a "gas main" explosion that suspiciously left traces of glycerin and nitric acid injured him greatly, and totally destroyed his legs. He handled this with characteristic calmness, and philosophically put it behind him. Doctors discovered his body's massive rejection of any cybernetic legs, and were forced to leave him wheelchair bound. This practically ended his hobby of Judo, although he practiced much of the material that he could still do from his chair.

At this point, William (always William) started turning to the computer. He quickly learned to tell it what to do, and started learning how to get into other systems. In 2158, William went to OSU. He kept up there, despite bi-annual major changes and a 21-22 hour load. He slowly found himself getting more and more unnerved around large groups of people. As he is normally very calm, he found this very unsettling. It is for this reason that he left Earth and went to school on Mars in 2160. (Allegedly. There is a rumor that he left before he could be expelled for the annotations left in the administions's file on the professors.) He has managed to charm all the professors in Mon Olympus University (MOU), and is fairly popular on campus. He has become a full Martian citizen and plans to stay there after graduation. He has become semi-active in the Martian Independence movement on campus. He is currently heading towards a Anthropology major.

(Notes on some questionable skills: Crpytology was learned in university classes and from university libraries. Cryptoanalysis was mainly self-taught from the Cryptology default. Micropalentology is part of the reason he came to Mars, to study Martian rocks that questionably contained fossils. Physician was learned during a year of studying medicine. Thantology is his latest study, and what led him into Anthropology)

David Starner - dvdeug @ hotmail . com, dstarner98 @ aasaa . ofe . org

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