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Peershane Dertaun

Futuristic Psi Time Traveler Kid

Total: 360 points
[Created by: (MR MARC D KEILBERG)]

Appearance: 15 yrs old, 5'8" tall, 150 lbs. Although he is of typically average build by sight, the beholder gets the mental impression of a rather tall 6 yr old. He has the capability for great strength, dexterity, and health, its just that he isn't mature or experienced enough to have full control of his facilities. (always note that time elapsed for Peershane is very important; reaching the age of 18 should allow for some major changes in his attributes and abilities)

Attributes (Points: -30):

ST: 6; 20 with cybersuit
DX: 7
IQ: 15
HT: 5

Advantages (Points: 445):

Time Jumper: 20xIQ weight can be carried, no preparation time required (165 points), Super Luck (100 points), Ridiculous Luck/Luck Lvl.3 (60 points), Serendipity Lvl.2 (30 points), Telepathy Power 10 (activates on a roll of 14 or less, 2/3 power cost; 33.5 points), Healing Power 4 (self only, 2/3 cost; Instant, +20%; 10.5 points), Teleport Power 5 (instant, +20%; 30 points), ESP Power 2 (instant, +20%; Activates on a 14 or less, 2/3 cost; Fickle 14, 2/3 cost; 3 points), Psychokinesis Power 3 (instant +20%; activates on 14 or less, 2/3 cost; 13 points)

Pside Effects (Points: -20):

SFX: Use of autoteleport skill creates a "whoosh" sound at point of origin (-1)
SFX: Use of healing power creates a flash of gold aura about Peershane (-1)
SFX: Use of mental blow skill creates a humming sound, normally audible from about 2 yards away (-1)
SFX: Use of teleport power creates a "shadow" effect of the object; to better describe, though you spend no time doing the teleport, a shadow is generated much like those of the shadow moves in the Mortal Kombat games between the two points. (-1)
SFX: Eyes flutter a little at the initiation of the telereceive skill (-1)
Telesend causes minor itching on humans within a 15 foot radius; may be resisted at a roll of IQ or HT, whichever the GM finds more appropriate (-10)
Use of healing skill causes migraines, whose severity for each person is determined by a roll of one dice--1 and 2 is a minor migraine, 2,3 and 4 make a mild migraine, and a 5 or 6 creates a severe migraine; specific effects of these migraines are up to the GM--in humans within a 5 foot radius (-5)

Disadvantages (Points: -41; -40 if in typical PC generation phase):

Curious Lvl. 2 (-10; this would be a disadvantage worth replacing, if you find one suitable enough), Delusions: Leopard=house cat (-10), Youth Lvl. 3 (-6; acceptable age is 18), Pacifism: Fight for defense only (-15)

Quirks (Points: -5):

Likes Pay Day candy bars; Likes all Hershey's chocolates; Whenever some says what he did was pure luck, he typically responds "Luck?! What luck?!"; Keeps a detailed list of all the places he's visited, and when he visited them; Wears mostly clothes made out of energy cloth


Autoteleport Lvl. 13 (1)
Healing Lvl. 13 (1)
Telesend Lvl.13 (1)
Telereceive Lvl. 13 (1)
Mental Blow Lvl. 13 (1)
Clairvoyance Lvl. 12 (.5)
Cryokinesis Lvl. 12 (.5)
Survival (forest) Lvl. 13 (.5)
Beam Weapon: Stun Rifle Lvl. 6 (.5)
Force Sword Lvl. 8 (2)
Force Shield Lvl. 6 (.5)
Fast Talk Lvl. 13 (.5)

House Rules: If the point cost of a psionic power has a fraction in it, round to the nearest half point.

Total Points:

359 (360 if he is in PC generation phase, unless GM allows for 41 points in disadvantages or more)


Stun Rifle
Blast Rifle
Force Sword
Force Shield
Flesh Pockets (paid for entirely in cash; can hold everything he has, excluding the possible leopard; this allows him to autoteleport without regard to the weight of the supplies he carries; also helps with time travel weight)
Cybersuit (standard issue wear)
Various changes of clothing made from energy cloth
Survial Basics
20 C-cells


If you were seriously considering conversions, slap yourself right now. He can time travel! Tech levels make absolutely no difference. The only thing you may need to do is change his psionics to magic, and better attributes, if your GM won't allow psionics in his campaign, or puts other limitations on psionics.

Character Story:

Too complex to bother with; plus, the character is still under development. Basically, he comes from the far future, where time traveling isn't a wholly unusual ability, and neither is unbelievable luck (makes sense, no? Low stats, time travel . . . unlucky people would be disastrous). It is possible Peershane will pick up a highly intelligent leopard as a traveling companion, thus making survival much more likely, and a great deal more fun.

Important note:

This character has an advantage that can cause some serious pains to the GM: time traveler. The problems that can be caused by this, namely the fact that every single thing you do has an effect, are meant to be remedied by his unbelievable luckiness. Also following are other ways to avoid the problems of a time traveler; trust me, the GM will be very glad to get rid of the annoyances of time travel using these ideas:

1) Say that everything that has happened, including the jump and its consequences, have already been predicted by fate, and therefore nothing changes, since this is exactly what was meant to happen.

2) Say that every time he time travels, he uses up one of his serendipitous events, making it so that he jumps to just the right spot, at just the perfect time, in the perfect way, such that nothing radical changes, and anything that does change, is a good change; i.e. your team didn't die (the reason you jumped), suddenly you got some cool cyberware in your head, or even somebody else's head, and in such a manner it had no major worldly consequences.

3) This guy can be the GM's dream NPC for a group that has a tendency for choosing the wrong courses of action, et cetera. He can be a patron, or can be a "normal" citizen, who the GM can say just conveniently did a time jump, and the consequences are played out in such a manner, that the PCs basically get another chance at the situation, with slight alterations, of course.

Another Note: The GM will probably need to set aside a separate play session for this character's player, so that they can go through the events that occured when he was sometime else. GM is also heavily advised to set an actual time limit, PC agewise, for the character, and to limit the amount of new points he could have obtained during this period. This session will probably be rather annoying for awhile, but both people should be able to quickly adjust.

Serendipity is in Compendium 1. It has two levels, one 15 points, another 30 points. With the first level, the player gets one minor serendipitous event per game session; the player may suggest times of this occurence, and even what would happen, but final arbitration is up to the GM. If a serendipitous event does not happen that game session (make sure to vie for one, or you'll lose your argument), the player should be allowed two such events next game session. The 2nd level allows you to get 2 such minor events, or one major event, per game session.

It has no effect on game rolls, but its meant in Peershane to eliminate the occurences of bad things from his time traveling, such as turning his cybersuit into a suit of blue jello.

Favorite Quotes:

"Luck?! What luck?!"
"Stay!" (note the multitude of ways Peershane can stun people)
"Now, when and the heck did I put my keys?"
"Yes, running would be a good idea, but I'm not very good at that, you see?"
"Man, you're so unlucky! You were aiming at me from point blank range, and you shot yourself!"
"Down kitty, down! No, kitty, don't sharpen your nails on the couch!"

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