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Davey Gordon

IOU Undergrad

Created by David J. Snyder
Total: 100 pts


ST 12 (20)
DX 14 (45)
IQ 13 (30)
HT 12 (20)


Alertness, Level 1 (5 points); Honor Student (3 points); Intuition (15 points).


Academic Status (Undergrad, -5 points); Asthma, Minor (-3 points)*; Honesty (-10 points); Lives on Campus (-5 points); Sense of Duty: Humanity (-15 points); Unluckiness (-10 points).

* Asthma isn't in the IOU worldbook. Looks like a good point-cost, though.


Always Wears Leather (-1)


Acrobatics-14 (4), Area Knowledge (IOU)-13 (1), Computer Operation/TL7(&7/8)-14 (1), Karate-14 (4), Judo-14 (4), Survival (IOU)-12 (1).

Davey Gordon is an Undergraduate in the Department of Journalism. He also serves as the Undergradate Assistant to the Suede Ranger, Chairthing of the Department of Camp Studies in the School of Supers. (Any rumors that Davey is actually the Suede Ranger in his civillian identity will be vehementally denied by Davey. If anyone ever suggested it to him. Which they never have. Hey, Lois Lane was fooled for fifty years by a pair of glasses. And people who actually knows the truth tend to have some tact.)

Davey was last seen on Campus several months ago. His current whereabouts are unknown. When his roommate was questioned about Davey's absence, his response was: "It like happens, dude."

//Suede Ranger stats are tough. He's got a Mecha, Enemies who are Allies, Patrons who are Enemies, as well as the inherent problems of trying to do Super in GURPS.//

[[Notes from Davey ought to have Secret: Suede Ranger, and a Secret Identity. But that's some of the things that he denies... O;> ]]

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