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Sha Quinn

Time Traveler

Created by Mike <>
241.5 points


Stats: 100
Ads: 59
DisAds: -30
Skills: 115.5
Languages: 2
Total: 241.5




ST 10
DX 10
IQ 16
HT 12 (20)


Absolute Timing, Acute Vision +1, Language Talent +1, Filthy Rich


Code of Honor (Time Traveler's Code, see below; -15 points); Reputation -1 (Among past-timer people, as a strange person;-5 points), Overconfidence.


Always comments that he does not have enough time, Combs his hair a lot either with his hands or else with a plastic comb; [3 undetermined]


Artist-15 (2 points)
Beam Weapons/TL9 (Blaster Pistol) (PE)-16 (16 points)
Beam Weapons/TL9 (Blaster Rifle)-16 (15 points) [Unless it counts as a specialization of Blaster.]
Computer Operation/TL-15 (0.5 points)
Computer Programming/TL-15 (2 points)
Language (MA)(English)-15 (0.5 points)
Language (MA) (French)-15 (0.5 points)
Language (MA) (Ancient Greek)-15 (0.5 points)
Language (MA) (Ancient Dwarf)-15 (0.5 points)
Language (MA) (Dwarf)-16 (-) (native)
Brawling(PE)-13 (8 points)
Katana(PA)-18 (56 points)
Guns/TL8 (Pistol) (PE)-15 (8)
Guns/TL8 (Rifle) (PE)-15 (8)
Guns/TL7 (Pistol) (PE)-14 (-) (default from Pistol/TL8)
Guns/TL7 (Rifle) (PE)-14 (-) (default from Rifle/TL8)


Sha Quinn is a dwarf who stands 4'3" tall, with long silver hair and gray eyes. He tends to wear leather armor, silver wrist guards, and leather pants.

Character History

Sha Quinn is a stout member of a time traveling organization; he does not talk much about the organization, but he will refuse some things if they go against the organization's code of honor. He is a Dwarf from the past and has inherited the time machine from a fellow friend who was also part of the organization. Sha Quinn has a good heart and will try to help friends out if they are in trouble. He will not use his time machine to gain wealth in large quantities.

This is a secret Time Traveling Organization; they follow very strict codes which are very honorable, they do not mess with time, nor do they get involved with politics of certain time frames, nor do they get involved with different time-traveling organzations' politics. This organzation is so secret that the only organzation that knows anything about their existence are the Harmonians. In fact, this organization was started by the Harmonians to govern the Harmonians' time traveling activities, but they wanted to get other races involved so that preferential treatment was not given to the Harmonians.

But it evolved; when another time traveling organization creats time waves this organzation will nip it in the bud, if you know what I mean. They are not partial to time travelers abusing their time traveling rights to mess with time or to try "get rich quick" schemes. They are sort of like a intelligence agency of other time traveling organizations, and they monitor the activities of these other time traveling organizations.

Sha Quinn is known pretty much around different time frames, mostly amongst teenagers and young adults. He tries to keep a low profile to keep from getting noticed too much, but he travels the same time frames often, much like a cop on a beat, and his fairly distinctive appearance gets remembered. His reputation comes from his contacts that he has made in the different time frames.

His time beat only includes the following time frames: TL7, TL8, and TL9. He prefers to use his Katana skill, but will resort to a pistol (of an appropriate TL for the local time frame), if neccessary. He tries to avoid being noticed and will do his best to keep a low profile, since he has to be within all of these time frames. It's not like he can get away and lay low, since he has to visit these timeframes on a ongoing basis. So he will use the guns if he has to as a last resort and only then.


Sha Quinn has a lot of possessions and friends that he has acquired from traveling in time, and, most importantly, he has a time machine.


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