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The Magnificent Maxwell

Super Stage Magician

[created by]
Total: 150 points


( 0) ST 10
(45) DX 14
(60) IQ 15
( 0) HT 10

Advantages (78 points):

Charisma +1 Alter Power 2 (Dosen't Need Analyze,10# limit, Can Change Form [of Obj] (+70%)), Anti-G Power 11 (Touch Only (-20%), Takes 8 seconds (-30%)), Flash Power 1, Illusion Power 3 (Animated (+20%), Movable (+20%), Instant (+20%), (Can use to block Light attack)), Create Darkness Power 1 (special effect: Cloud of Smoke), Attractive.

Disadvantages (-75 points):

Albinism, Sense of Duty (to circus, -5 points), Stubbornness, Gentleman's Code of Honor, Weirdness Magnet, Dependency: Bright light (30mins/day; -15 points), Struggling.

Quirks (-5 points):

Professes belief in "Crystal Power"; Hates "Elric" jokes; [3 undetermined].


English-15, Latin-13 (0.5), Greek-13 (0.5).


Acting-16, Bard-17, History-12 (0.5), Occultism-15 (2), Literature-12 (0.5), Pickpocket-13 (2), Performance-18 (8), Research-13 (0.5), Savoir-Faire-16 (2), Sleight of Hand-15 (8), Theology-12 (0.5), Alter (M/Super)-14 (4), Anti-G (M/Super)-13 (2), Flash (M/Super)-14 (4), Illusion (M/Super)-15 (8), Create Darkness (P/Super)-13 (4).

"With your metahuman abilities, you can work wonders. Well, maybe do things that look wonderful - you're no superhero. It's all done with mirrors - illusory ones. Add in a little light manipulation, and some limited ability to manipulate matter, and everyone thinks you're a stage magician. Oh well . . . it's a living."

"Unfortunately, despite your vampire-like appearance (a plus in this business), you need sunlight (or other bright light) every day to maintain your health. Talk about a vitamin-D deficiency!"

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