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Brian Fistbreaker


[created by]
Total: 100 points


(10) ST 11
(45) DX 14
( 0) IQ 10
(10) HT 11

Advantages (58 points):

Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Strong Will +2, Toughness +2.

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Bad Temper, Color Blindness, Duty (to employer, 12-; -10 points), Fear of Loud Noises (mild).

Quirks (-5 points):



Brawling-15 (2), Broadsword-16 (8), Crossbow-15 (2), Fast Draw (Arrow)-16 (2), Fast Draw (Sword)-16 (2), Riding (Horse)-14 (2), Shield-14 (1), Stealth-13 (1), Two-handed Sword-14 (2).

Weapons & Possessions

Sword, thr. bastard: $750, 5#, cut 1+2, impale 1+1,
(- 2-handed), cut 2, impale 1+2.
Crossbow: $150, 6#, impale 2, SS 12, Acc 4, 1/2 220, Max 275.
Shield, small: PD14 (2), $40, 8#.
Quiver: $10, 1#.
10 Bolts: $20, 1#.
Pouch, small (3#): $10, 0#.
Personal basics: $5, 0#.
Chainmail: PD 3/1, DR 4/2, [$550], 45# [The chainmail is probably on loan from the employer.]
Coins: $15
Equipment Totals: $1,000, 65#



Probably a security guard. Give him Guns, Driving (Car), and probably take some points out of things like Two-handed Sword and Shield and put them into alertness.

Near Future:



Ditto, but now he's got things like Guns (Tangler) and Beam Weapons (sonic).

"You are a mercenary fighter, and you're pretty good at it. You have several advantages which make you especially suited for a life of combat. In fact, the name 'Fistbreaker' comes from an incident in a bar fight where your opponent hit you in the jaw and broke his hand. It hardly hurt you, of course."

"Except for your tendency to get into fights, and your unfortunate reaction to thunderstorms, magical duels, and similar noisy events, you make an ideal caravan guard - especially since the merchants can unload their more, ah, uniquely-colored clothing on you."

A more-detailed description for a con-game is . . .

"You are a fighter for hire, currently (and recently) employed by Lord Tyndall of Crystalford [Duty disadvantage]. You have several advantages which make you especially suited for a life of combat: you are rarely surprised, and recover quickly when you are [Combat Reflexes]; you are relatively unaffected by pain, and are not stunned by it [High Pain Threshold]; and you are naturally tougher than most people, and take less damage when you are hit [Toughness 2, +2 to DR]. In fact, the name "Fistbreaker" comes from an incident in a bar fight where your opponent hit you in the jaw and broke his hand. It hardly hurt you, of course. You also are hard to influence, by argument or by magic [Strong Will +3].

"You do have a couple of little problems, though . . . You can see only in black and white (and shades of gray) [Color Blindness]. This generally does not cause you much trouble, but your wardrobe might be a bit garish, and you couldn't tell an emerald from a ruby. You also have a tendency to lose your temper when under stress [Bad Temper], and thus get in a lot of bar fights, shouting matches, and the like. Finally, there is your secret shame: you are afraid of loud noises [Brontophobia]. You tend to panic at any sudden loud noise, and will avoid anyplace where such noises are likely. Thunderstorms are extremely traumatic.

"Your skills are mostly directly concerned with your occupation as a sell-sword: weapon skills for Crossbow, Two-handed Sword and Broadsword, the ability to use a Shield, both for blocking and as a weapon (damage 1+1, crushing). You also have the Riding (Horse) skill, and the Stealth skill (letting you sneak up on or past enemies, hide, etc.). In order to improve your ability to strike fast, you have Fast-draw (Sword), which lets you draw and attack in the same turn (on a successful skill roll). Similarly, Fast-draw (Arrow) lets you ready a bolt for your crossbow in zero time, letting you fire once every four turns (rather than the normal five). Your thrusting bastard sword can be used with both one-handed (Broadsword) and two-handed (Two-handed sword) techniques. When used one-handed you must ready the sword for one turn between attacks, or after a parry. If you use it two-handed, you cannot use your shield, but you can attack every turn, and parry without penalty, as well as doing slightly more damage. Finally, since you get in a lot of bar fights due to your temper, you have Brawling skill. This lets you do slightly more damage with your fists (1 die crushing damage), or feet (1d+3 crushing damage), and you can parry twice with your hands in close combat (at a parry of 10)."

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